Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Long Awaited, Triumphal Return!

Yikes! It's really been OCTOBER since I posted anything? And it was pretty unkind, what I wrote, too! Okee-doke! A lot has happened, and I have written very little about it, so here's the run-down:

Launa started her first year of school! Can you believe it?! She's actually in Pre-K, but it's been a great experience for her. She sometimes has difficulty being away from me for so long, but she's getting better at it. She hasn't fussed in a long time over it.

Daniel is in 2nd grade. He's my big man! King of his school, which only goes to 2nd grade. I just found out that he goes to his school counselor a lot because he's worried about his uncle James being in the Army. :( James is in Haiti right now working on the relief effort (and burning his armpit hair - you'd have to see the pics to get the exact mental picture of this disturbing behavior.).

Let's see...Oh! I graduated with an associates degree in paralegal studies. So I am a paralegal now! Just not an employed one... but that's the loss of all those silly attorneys that didn't have the sense to hire me! Oh yeah...I swore that I was going to take some time off school, make a little money to help ends meet...yeah... Instead I went back to school starting in January to get my Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. (Why do I do this to myself?! A break would have been AWESOME!) I just finished my last assignment for my first class last night. Not my best work, but sometimes that happens. That assignment kinda threw me. But my professor did tell me before the final two assignments that I was top of our class, and that anything I did would be okay from that point forward, so I think just turning something in was good enough. (Oops! I probably shouldn't have vocalized that sentiment.)

Jeremy has applied at the Bartow County Sheriff's Dept. Hopefully they'll put him on as a jail guard, which he'll have to do or two years before they'll allow him to become a deputy and hand out speeding tickets.

Hmmm...We're getting a sweet tax return. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my two little tax deductions?

My mom and sister-in-law got to come by my house for a couple of days last week. That was way fun! They brought lots of food, which we ate pretty much the whole time, so that was nice. Thanks for the food ladies! Their last night in town, we had a two hour, glow in the dark dance party using tunes off of my very own playlist at the bottom of the blog. We had a blast! Jody and I bought 8 packages of glow stuff: necklaces, bracelets, a magic wand, and a mask, and when it was time for the party, we cracked all the glow stuff, brought out our tiny (borrowed) fiber-optic Christmas tree that changes colors, decked ourselves out in glow stuff, shut off the lights and danced the night away! We had the best time! Jody wants to make a somewhat regular event of our dance parties, with her hosting one (in NC), and then us hosting another (in GA). I think it sounds like a ton of fun. You guys should come too! :) She took some video of me dancing with her phone. Once she posts it on FB, I'll probably post it too. Never claimed to have any dancing ability...but it's fun to let loose anyway. ;P

Welp! I think that's it for now. I'll try to do better at posting updates in the future. Love you guys!


Dana Cheryl said...

OK, you've been busy so a small break is understandable! Just don't let it happen again!! ;)

Glow Light Dance Party sounds awesome! Invite me. Invite me!!

I've missed you tons & for the record I totally enjoyed the Balloon Boy post.

Renae said...

Welcome back! GOOD FOR YOU about the schooling thing!! I'm jealous. I'm trying to work up the courage to try it myself. I LOVED school.

Mary said...

Oh man...we should have a dance party when I'm in STL. You guys would have the best time! Course, DC, you are probably as close to me in North GA as you are to STL. Come on over!

Renae, I took online classes at Colorado Technical University. I am really happy with my education, and many employers recommend this school to their employees. Also a good portion of students are military trying to better their careers. My school is a very good school. And being an online school gives me the flexibility to be home with the children and still reach my goals. Plus, the school has a connection with a brick-and-mortar school in CO, and when I got my diploma it was from the actual school and the word "Online" is nowhere to be found on it. I would totally recommend it.

timpani76 said...

School is almost always good. Are you still trying to find a job as a paralegal while in school?

Mary said...

I'm not pushing as hard. I am considering a switch to "Plan B" which is a secret.

timpani76 said...

Is the switching the secret, or is Plan B a "Secret Plan" that you are keeping from us? Come on, you know you want to spill!

Dana Cheryl said...

I agree with Timpani!!!


Mary said...

The plan is the secret, and I absolutely want to tell (duh, you all know me!), but alas, I cannot. I have been sworn to secrecy.

Renae said...

very mysterious!