Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why Do I Wait For The Last Minute?

Seriously. Why?

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Poor Boy

Daniel is not going to school today because he is el sicko grande. He has a tummy ache, and I believe him. So no I need to call the school and let them know he won't be in. :(

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Where'd My Clothes Go?!

This morning Launa woke up without any pajamas on. She knew that she went to sleep with a night gown on, and it freaked her out that she woke up in only her underwear. I thought it was funny at first, but I didn't realize how badly it bothered her. I got her fresh pajamas when she woke up naked, and seemingly confused about the matter. 2 hours later she's still saying to me, "Mommy, I woke up without my nightgown on, what happened to it?" She had an accident last night, so we just changed her underwear and put her to bed. She totally doesn't remember! I just reminded her, and she laughed. Mystery solved.

Daniel has in the last 2 days become a pro at tying his shoes. Yay!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey - Check Out The Personality On Her!

I am reading a book called "Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You" by Sam Gosling, PhD. So far it's somewhat interesting, but I'm only in the second (I think?) chapter. Anyway, there's this personality test, and I thought my answers were interesting, here's how I measure up to the "average" among women.

Openness - 11
Conscientiousness- 5
Extraversion- 9
Agreeableness- 9
Neuroticism- 10

Openness - 10.8
Conscientiousness- 11
Extraversion- 9.1
Agreeableness- 10.6
Neuroticism- 6.7

Seriously, it is freaking me out that I scored so high on Neuroticism compared to the "average" woman. I still scored highest on the "openness" thing, which is cool,because that's my dominant personality trait, and that's what da Vinci was, which means highly creative and open to new experiences, but I didn't score much higher than the "average" person with that. Look how much higher I scored in "neuroticism" than the "average" woman! I'm an emotional break-down waiting to happen! I see the irony in this post, and yet I just can't help how I feel about this personality score. I knew I was neurotic before, but I never really knew just how off the charts I was! I thought I was "normal"! HA! Somebody prepare the straight jacket, because we're gonna need it - and by the looks of things, it will be soon!

As a quick aside, also notice the low, low "conscientiousness" score.

I Told You So

I knew I wouldn't keep that background very long. There's nothing good to talk about though, so I'll quit jabbering at you.

Update: I thought I had changed my background, but once again, I'm having a little trouble with TCBOTB. I can't complain too much, it's a free service, and it's costing them money to run.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


See my background? HA! I won't probably keep it up very long, I just found it and so I had to toss it up there.

Also, Daniel wanted to listen to "The Devil Went Down To Georgia" so we were listening to it. I always tease (at the part where the Devil is playing his fiddle) that it sure sounds an awful lot like a guitar (because they play guitar before the fiddle part). Today Daniel picked out all of the different instruments: guitar, drums, piano and said, "You know, the Devil can make his fiddle sound like drums, a piano and a guitar. He should have won." I can't argue with that logic.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Even Bigger!

Daniel lost his second tooth last night.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This is a conversation I overheard between my children last night when they were getting their jammies on, and I was in the other room. Daniel: "Launa, smell my feet, they smell like strawberries!" Launa: *sniff*sniff* Daniel: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!! My feet don't smell like strawberries, they smell like a dumpster! I just wanted to make you smell my feet!"

If I hadn't been rolling on the floor myself, I probably would have told him that wasn't very nice. But I guess you can't bust them every time they do something brotherly or sisterly. Someday Launa will get him back.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

There is no such thing as "warm" water in my house. Here are the two temperatures: "Really freakin' hot," and "really freakin' ice cold."

Weird Habit

I wanted to post something new, not something political, and not something about either of my children. There has been way too much of that lately. For lack of anything better to write about, and the mere fact that I was just thinking about this, I'll mention something about myself. I have a very strange habit. I don't know if I've ever seen anyone else do this, but maybe they do and I just don't notice. Here it is: I write what I am thinking with my finger in the air. Sometimes, I'll write what someone just said or what I just said, but I'm always scribbling in the air. Has anyone ever wondered what I was doing, or have you even noticed? Anyway, I know I'm a freak, I should just get used to it already.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Farewell President Bush

Today is the last day in office for a mostly good president. He did not do everything right, but he kept us safe, and he was nobody's doormat. He was wrong on immigration and the economy is a problem, but he is not to blame entirely for that (the economy). George W. Bush was not a fabulous communicator, but was a man of principle. He always did what he thought was the best thing for our country, even if it was unpopular. And I believe that he is genuine, and worked extremely hard in the face of many people who wanted to hurt him - and not just politically. Thank you for your service, President Bush. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Personally, I Blame Global Warming And Slavery

Yep, I am finally getting to enjoy a winter in the deep south for the first time in 14 years. Boy was I looking forward to it! Yeah. When I got up this morning, it was something ridiculous like 13 degrees outside. People in GA don't know what to do when the weather gets like this. They've never experienced anything like it. (Or they rarely have.) They had to tell people over the radio to get their cars winterized and leave the faucets trickling. I bet if I went to the store this morning there would be no bread, milk or eggs left on the shelves. ;) Of course, this insanely cold weather across the country has been caused by global warming. (Has anyone seen the great propaganda film "The Day After Tomorrow"?)

Then, I was listening to the news this morning, and the NAACP has called, once again, for the governor of the state of Georgia to apologize for slavery. The President (bless his pointed little head) has said that he's sure the governor will "do the right thing." Now, I am a newcomer to the state of Georgia, but I am pretty sure that not one person living here today has either been a slave, or has owned a slave. Like I said, maybe this is just ignorance on my part, since I'm new here. There may be an underground slavery ring still in operation here in which evil white people are still forcing innocent black people to work their plantations. They probably have to work in the middle of the night when everyone else is in bed, so as not to rouse suspicion. Maybe the reason they are asking Gov. Purdue to apologize is because they know that he is the leader of this secret slavery ring, and they want him to know that they know, and they want him to apologize for forcing innocent people to work for him at the capital building. Yeah ... if there is an "African-American" living in bondage in the USA today, it is certainly not because of the evil white slave-drivers. Apologize for slavery...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Case You Hadn't Heard Enough About My Daughter

Here are a couple more silly things my daughter has said.

The first is a little sad. I took her to Target and we were just browsing. We were in the jewelry and handbag department, and I heard Launa (my 3 year old) say, "That girl has very pretty hair, I wish I had hair like that." I couldn't believe my ears! My gorgeous child thought someone else had prettier hair than her?! (The model's hair was very pretty. It was dark and silky and smooth.) I am afraid that I'm already planting the seeds of insecurity in my child. I asked her why she would want that girl's hair when her hair is so beautiful.

Okay, now for the silliness. On my birthday I decided to take Launa for lunch, since it was a special day (but she didn't know). She had started telling me that she was hungry at 10:30 am. We finished getting ready to leave, and as we were getting ready to walk out the door, I got a phone call that held me up for about 20 minutes. While I was on the phone, Launa found some small toys and just played quietly nearby. When I got off the phone, I told her that I was very proud of her for not interrupting while I was on the phone, even though I knew she was very hungry. She said, "Fank (thank) you Mommy, what do I deserve?" Now, I don't like the kids thinking that they should be rewarded with junk just for behaving as they should, so I told her that she deserved my gratitude and my praise. To which she replied, "Oh...I don't want that!" Yeah, she was aiming for candy, I'm pretty sure.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Ponderment

How many times does a person have to sleep through the alarm clock, and not wake up until the person picking their child up for school has to pound on the door (because noone's up yet), before they become officially the worst parent ever?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Did anyone else notice that I posted exactly 123 times last year?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Why I Like My Daughter

There are many reasons, but these are two of them. First, I have been having serious problems with my skin lately, breaking out, and I think I have eczema around my nose, it's all red and flaky and gross. Anyway, Launa crawled in my lap and asked me to take photos with her on our computer, so I did. Then she wanted me to post them, and I told her no way, I look horrible, and she told me that it wasn't true, that I am the most beautiful mommy in the whole world. That's blind love for you! (Here's one of the photos - judge for yourself.)

Second, I waited to have lunch today until my stomach was growling, and I was regretting that decision mightily because I always feel like I'm going to throw up when my stomach gets rumbly, and I HATE that icky feeling. While my leftovers were heating up I told Launa that I didn't feel very good, and she told me, "Well I feel terrific!" Nice. She's just a little ray of sunshine everywhere she goes. Ha!

Friday, January 9, 2009

You Know What?

I wish I had something else to post. I hate leaving the same post up for days and days. Let me think of something else to write...

I have a bunch of homework to get done tonight. I have to read 4 chapters, do the work on them, and write a discussion board post at school. It's my own fault for waiting til the last minute, but I'm taking business math...ugh. Anyway, better get going on that.

What else?

Oh, Jeremy thinks that after we pay some of our debt (after our tax return next month) I won't have to get a job. That'd be cool. I would like to wait until Launa starts school before I have to get a job. So if we can hold out one more month, maybe I can stay home for a few more months. Launa will be going to pre-school. I hate that, but I guess in Georgia, they have to be able to write their names and addresses before Kindergarten, along with some other basic skills. They also have a "free" pre-school program for 4 year olds where they feed them lunch and teach them all the little skills they'll have to know before starting Kindergarten. I'm certain that I could teach them to her, but once I get my online degree, I have to get to work to pay off the loans. *sigh* I don't really want to send Launa to school early because I don't really trust the government to raise my kids, and the longer I can keep them home, the more influence I have on them. It is a really sweet deal though. Anywho. I do think that Launa will like school. I think she'll like playing with the other little girls, which she doesn't get to do at home much. I wonder if they have 1/2 days? I'll have to find out.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Silly Boy

Today was Daniel's first day back to school after Christmas, and I guess his teacher has decided they can write their own memos now. Anyway, Daniel really wanted me to read what his school journal-whatever-it's-called-book-thing said. So I flipped to it, and this is what it said:

I acted really impressed and said, "Wow! You wrote all that yourself?" He proudly confirmed my suspicions. I went on, "It must be because you're extra clever!" "No," Daniel tells me, "The teacher just wrote it up on the board, and we were supposed to copy it." It was way funnier in person, actually, not very funny at all in writing. You had to see the facial expressions, and hear the seriousness in his voice.

You know what else is weird? When your kid starts making pop-culture references and you're pretty sure he knows the meaning behind them. *sigh* They grow up so fast.

(PS John- Did you notice that I flipped the photo? Thanks for the clever idea.)

A Tiny Spider Made A House In My Toilet Today

Last night Launa asked me to go to "the snuggle bed" (my bed) with her, so we could snuggle in there without the boys. I couldn't tell her no, so up we went. When we got there I snuggled with her, and she snuggled with me and I asked her what she wanted to do, and she chose a song to sing (Jesus Loves the Little Children), then said "Let's talk!" I asked her what she wanted to talk about and she said, "Superheroes, princesses, parents, God, Jesus....everyfing!" So we talked about each of those subjects. I love that God and Jesus are on her list of things she wants to talk about. Makes a mom feel like at least she's doing something right. (Besides, she's way cute!)

Monday, January 5, 2009

What Do You Think?

About this lipstick? I tried a bunch on the back of my hand (I had a $40 Victoria's Secret card to use up, so it's not cheap lipstick.) and I decided on this, but I don't like it as much on my face as I liked it on my hand (I never like the lipsticks I pick out for myself, they never come out right). Anyway, I can't ask Jeremy, he doesn't know anything about lipstick, so I want my lady friends to tell me if the color is good or bad. And where would I wear this color (if I can actually wear this color out of the house)?

Is My Face Red...But Not TOO Red

I suppose I was wrong about the hook-up date. They hooked us up with Internet on Dec 30. I must have misunderstood. But I still couldn't get Internet, because they failed to send me my modem. *sigh* It took over an hour being shuffled around, put on hold, having my call dropped, and having to wait on hold again to finally get this mess straightened out. But now I have Internet, and a free modem, so here I am, I am back (a week later), and I choose not to dwell on ickiness. I'm still waiting to hear about the bank teller position, but I spoke to the branch manager who is a friend of my sister in law, and I hope to hear from him soon. I'm also considering other options.

I watched Jurassic Park for the first time in probably close to a decade last night. It's pretty scary. I think it's scarier now that I'm a mom, and I think of those kids. (Yeah, I know it's a movie, and also I'm a sucker, but there you have it.) What have you all been up to? I'll have to make the blogging rounds.