Saturday, August 30, 2008

New License Plates

I forgot to tell you guys about this when it happened, so I'll post it now. I had to get new plates for the car this week, so Jeremy's dad took us over to the place we needed to go to get them. It was pouring down rain. Jeremy and his dad came out of the building and told us, oops, we need both our licenses to get the plates. I didn't happen to have mine with me because I didn't think I'd need it. We go home. A little later in the day, I take Jeremy's license along with my own and head up to get the new plates. The lady tells me she needs both Jeremy's and my signature. I take the paper home to have him sign. Jeremy was asleep by then (working midnights will do that to a man), so I didn't go back that day.

The next day, I get Launa and we head back up to the tax collector.

We wait in line for 30 minutes.

I get to the window.

The lady looks over the papers, the signatures, and our licenses. She notices that my name on the title is Mary Gross-Crank. I explain to her that when we bought the car, I hadn't yet changed my name with the Social Security Administration, so to avoid confusion on my credit report, I just hyphenated my name. She tells me that to finish the paperwork and get my shiny new Georgia license plate, I'll need to get a copy of my marriage license and bring it in to prove that I am me.

In a slightly (okay, maybe very) irritated voice I ask her if she will look over the paperwork and let me know what else I need to bring in, because this is my third trip over here for this exact purpose. She tells me she'll check and heads over to another lady for a consultation. She comes back in a few minutes and tells me that since I've been here so many times, they'll just go ahead and do it for me.

Alright guys. I'm serious. Georgia is a beautiful state. But moving here is the biggest pain in the rear! I cannot believe how many hoops there are to jump here! This is crazy! It's amazing there's not a mass exodus from this insane place! And I guess I'm living by the rule of threes when it comes to trying to become a legal citizen of Georgia: 3 times to the DMV, 3 times to the property tax office. 3 more times till I run, screaming and tearing my hair out, over the edge of a cliff!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Our New Library

Our new library is super cool! First of all, it is enormous! Every different style of book has its own wing (ie: children's books, adult non-fiction, adult fiction, reference) They also have tutoring rooms and a media room, and classrooms. They have self checkout, and you scan your library card and stack your books on a special plate, and it magically knows which books you're getting! It's probably a sign of "The Beast" (all the fun new doodads are) but I don't care. It's cool! I'm sure "they" (whoever "they" are) already can track me using my magical new library card, not to mention my cell phone, car, credit cards, and the secret chip "they" implant into us in the hospital without our parent's knowledge or I getting a little paranoid? When will they be able to do this with our groceries I want to know? Just stack your groceries on the conveyor belt, and they are all rung up at one time! They can do it with library books, they should be able to do it with groceries! I'll have to check the technology out and start my own grocery store. Everyone would come! I'd be so rich, I'd make Sam Walton proud!

Last Night

I was in the lowest level of the house and I heard a loud thud, so I hurried up to the top floor to check on the kids, since I was sure they'd be crying.

It was all quiet.

I stick my head in the children's room to check on them, and Launa is on the floor next to the bed wrapped in bedsheets. She fell out of bed and it didn't even wake her up! She did have a big ugly scrape on her elbow when she got up in the morning though. Kids.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Are Any of You Geeks...

...into Firefly? My sister-in-law is WAY into it, and has let me borrow the boxed set. I have only watched the first episode, but it's interesting. The Atlanta Dragon Con is this weekend and they really want us to come down and watch the parade, they will be in it dressed up as fantasy characters with their children. (FYI, they DO read my blog, I only wish they would leave me some comments, they must think they're not invited to chime in.) We're thinking we may go ahead and watch them, then head over to Underground Atlanta, which should be really cool. Did you know that the current Atlanta is not the original? The original is now underground beneath the new city. Cool, huh? We're gonna check it out. Should be really fun!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Question DC...

What was the name of the author who wrote those dog training books you like? I went back and tried to find what you said, but couldn't find the right post.

All Creatures Great and Small

The funniest story in this book so far is the one where James Herriot has to go to a different vet's office with a dog that used to be his (the vet's) patient, so that he doesn't get offended to have an intruder doing surgery on his patient. While they are waiting for the dog to come out of anesthesia, the vet needs to make a call, so he invites James to go with him. It's a one-man job, so James thinks he'll just wait in the car. The other vet is incredulous that James didn't intend to go in with him, and offers him a suit to cover his nice clothes. Not wishing to insult this man further, James accepts. It turns out to be this big ungainly rubber suit that makes him look like an "automaton"! It is so stiff that his arms are stuck straight out from his sides, and he can barely walk in it. It is so bizarre looking, that as they approach the barn, the farmer's young daughter gets scared and runs to the house crying. All the men in the barn have never seen anything like this before, and they think "Wow, this guy must be getting ready to do something really important and spectacular!" The vet finishes delivering the afterbirth, and tells Jim it's time to do his job. ***SPOILER ALERT*** Jim makes his way, with much difficulty, to the doctor's bag, pulls out a tool, takes the paper off with one hand since he can't bring his hands together, and hands to tool to the vet! That was his whole job! I was dying laughing reading this chapter, I laughed through the whole thing! My husband was standing over me asking, "What? What's so funny?" Oh man! You guys should get this book, if for no other part than that one! Of course it was written much better than my summary, but seriously, even though I spoiled it, it will still be funny when you read it!

Monday, August 25, 2008


Which is exactly how I'm feeling today.

Friday, August 22, 2008


I put my resume out today. I'm really nervous! I feel a little silly about being so nervous, but I really need a job, and I want them to like me! Of course, people would be crazy not to like me, so if they don't hire me, they're a little scary and I don't want them to hire me anyway! :P

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My 6 Year Old

Yesterday was Daniel's 6th birthday. I didn't have time to blog yesterday, so I hope my belated tribute to him will be sufficient. First, 3 birthday stories. 1) Daniel and Launa were having trouble settling down for the night, and they needed to get a good night's rest because it was the night before Daniel's birthday, and he had school in the morning. Jeremy went into their room to tell them to go to sleep. Daniel said he couldn't sleep, you know how all that goes. Jeremy told him that if he didn't lie down and be quiet, he would cancel Daniel's birthday. Daniel said,"You can't do that!" Jeremy told him that he could do anything, he's the dad. To which Daniel replied, "Well, I'll just reset it then!" Story 2) Daniel was headed up to bed (before the previous story took place), and as he was going up there he called over his shoulder, "Goodnight, Mom! See ya when I'm 6!" Story 3) When Daniel got up on his birthday, he went downstairs and walked outside where my in-laws like to sit and enjoy the mornings. Daniel asked them what they were doing, and his papaw said, "I'm sitting in the swing." Daniel told him, "Well, it's my birthday, you should be celebrating!"

That's Daniel in a nutshell, and for your viewing pleasure, photos of my 6-year-old.

Polling Is Now Closed

Polling is once again closed for the day. It looks like "Barbara" tied for first place with "Willow" and honorable mention goes to "Oak" and "Maple." Embarrassingly, the only answer that got 0 votes with "Birch." I like Birch trees, though, and hope one day to own some. I guess they are pretty, but no one wants to be one. Voters in my poll may want to check their mail this time around for a "Have You Been Cranky Lately" shot glass with a photo of my torn jeans on it. You're welcome. Be sure to vote in my next poll, so you don't miss out on any of the fun and exciting prizes in store for you!

Just To Make Life Interesting...

My favorite and newest pants decided to split while I was out today. I don't even know what caused it or how long I'd been walking around that way! They must have just had all the strain they could take trying to keep my fat rear inside.

Monday, August 18, 2008

More House News

So we got a counter offer on the house today. It's not a bad offer, but it will extend the amount of money we have to come up with out of pocket to $4,000. We just can't swing that much. :( So we're going to have to look for something else. Too bad, I had serious plans for the trey ceilings in the master bedroom. I guess God has other plans for my family. Maybe he has a 5 bedroom house in great condition in a fantastic neighborhood out there for $80,000 just waiting for us! :)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Bad House News

It's not what you think. I had been waiting for 3 days to hear whether or not our offer had been accepted. My realtor calls the representing realtor and asks what's up. The other realtor says "We never got an offer." So my realtor says "I faxed it on Tuesday and I got confirmation." Their realtor said "You sent it to the wrong number." (great) My realtor said "I sent it to the number you had on the paper!" So she had to re-fax it to the right number. That was yesterday. I guess that means the earliest we'll hear back will be on Monday. *sigh* The waiting is KILLING me!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Some real clothes! All I've had these last 5 weeks are some jeans and ratty t-shirts! It's been driving me crazy! I look like a slob everywhere I go, Jeremy only had one pair of jeans, it's been a nightmare! So today, Jeremy and I went to his sister's shed determined not to leave until we had some decent looking clothes. We looked EVERYWHERE! Finally, at the very bottom in the back of the shed we found a bag of clothes labeled: "CLOTHES I WILL NEED"

See what happens when you let boys unload your moving van? (Really, I'm glad they helped, it would have taken much longer without them.) They also stacked my bedroom furniture in there without wrapping it. It should be nice and scratched up when we get them out. Yay for moving! I'm just glad I have some shirts with shape to them now!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Great Story Courtesy My Mother-In-Law

My mom-in-law works at the Dollar General Store. They are starting to get their Christmas gear in. She was in the back room carrying a large and cumbersome, but not very heavy box which she accidentally dropped. As soon as she dropped it someone said, "You know that makes me mad!!" Well, it kinda freaked her out since she thought she was alone. She looked around and there was no one there. She opened the box and looked inside. It was a box of those large foamy Hulk hands that shout phrases when you hit stuff with them! I thought that was a great story.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Polling Is Now Closed

Our poll is now closed. I'm afraid there may have been some confusion about our last poll, since basement torture chamber is the clear winner this time around. The discipline question was regarding how you handle your children not the way you like to be disciplined! Oh well, thanks to everyone who voted, you may expect your "Have You Been Cranky Lately?" handkerchief with Jeremy's face on it, very soon.

Monday, August 11, 2008

More Houses!

I'm gonna look at another house in the same neighborhood as the other house we're looking at. It's just been listed, and if we can buy it quickly, we may be able to get the seller to make some big concessions for us, just to get it off their hands! Can't wait to see it!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I'm afraid I have committed an egregious omission. In the little blurb I wrote about taking Superman to the vet, I forgot to mention the awesome, incredibly skilled and swooningly handsome veterinarian that cared for him. Ladies and gentlemen, Dr. Bern is not only the best veterinarian I have ever taken an animal to, he's also my brother-in-law. And he's great! Even though he was almost a teenager when I was born, we totally get each other, and I adore him. Love ya Chris!

Friday, August 8, 2008


You know what that crazy dog of mine did? He pulled up the stake he was tethered to in the yard, ran around the tree until he was hopelessly tangled around it, busted his collar, and lost his tags before coming to the back door and scratching to be let in. Silly guy. I need to get him a new collar today. I can put it on him after his bath when he's all pretty and shiny. I'll take some pictures with my in-law's digital camera after we get him gorgeous! Oh yeah, and I REALLY need to get a fenced-in yard!

How Cute Are These?

See my cute new flip-flops and pedicure I gave myself? I put little crystal flowers on my toes, in case you can't tell what they are from the picture. I wish I could get a clearer picture, but taking pictures of your feet with your computer is a little challenging.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Today Is The First Day of School!

...And not a morning I'd like to repeat. It started off ok, he got up, ate his breakfast, dressed and had his face scrubbed in time to get to school a little early so I could walk him to class. Everything seemed to be going alright, until I took a minute to speak to his teacher. Daniel had forgotten to go o the bathroom before school started, so we asked if he could go. I dropped him off at the bathroom and told him to have a great day and I'd see him when I came to pick him up. I was down the hall talking with my sister-in-law who was dropping her kids off at class, when the hall monitor brought Daniel, bawling his eyes out, to me. So I took it that he hadn't realized I was leaving, and just got a little freaked out. I took him to class and tried to leave him here, but it was ugly. I tried shame: "No one else's mommy is here in class with them, do you want to look like a baby to your new classmates?" I tried encouragement: "Hey, you need to hurry up and get back to class so you can meet new friends! I'm so excited for you!" Nothing worked. They started the pledges over the loud-speaker, and I tried to walk off, but that started the screaming! Well, I didn't want him screaming during the pledges, so I stayed. Then they had a moment of silence, which I really didn't want him screaming through! Finally I caught the teacher's eye and whispered, "What do you want me to do?" She said, "Just leave!" So I did. *sigh* Poor kid. I hate to leave the teacher with that kind of an impression: that he's a clingy momma's boy (okay, he kind of is) with an indulgent mother (maybe, but I'd hate to admit it). Oh well, tomorrow should be better since he's getting a ride with my sister-in-law to school, and I won't even be there to drop him off. I think he'll be better without his momma hanging around threatening to leave.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hey Look!



My real estate agent and my mortgage broker are not understanding each other, and they are seriously messing with my head. *sigh* I hope I never buy a house again.

Oh yeah-

If you think I'm exaggerating about that house, go here. These pictures don't even show some of the decorating nightmare that is this house. And yet, I think we could do something with it.

As I sit here typing this in my children's quiet bedroom, my daughter is laughing in her sleep. It's way cute! I'm glad she's having sweet dreams.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What I Did Today:

I woke up at 6:30 this morning because I heard something at my window and it totally freaked me out. It was Jeremy home from work early, throwing stones at my window, and needing to be let in because I forgot that he doesn't have a key to the top lock of the door...and I locked it...oops. I had to be up at 7 anyway since Superman had an appointment at the vet's office today. He got his rabies shot and a few others, he pooped in the corner of the room, and was totally in love with the nurse, who he wouldn't quit kissing all over, even when he was getting poked with a needle. He's doing just fine. I got home at about 10:10 and quickly made lunch , fed the kids and cleaned up in plenty of time to wake Jeremy up at 11:30 so we could leave to meet with the realtor at noon.

We're pulling out of the driveway at 11:45 and I get a call from her saying,"I had you on my schedule for 11:00!" NOOOOOOOO!!!! I apologized all over the place and she just laughed and told me she probably wrote it down wrong (well, it was a nice thing to say). We looked at a house that we like, but holy cow, I don't know what psychedelic drugs were coursing through the previous owners' veins because: WOW! The living room: a beautiful room with vaulted ceilings and an ocean theme complete with water-blue walls and sponge-painted ceiling, with framed magazine cutouts of dolphins glued to the wall. The master bedroom: a gorgeous trey ceiling painted bright primary colors. Seriously: first layer: red, second layer: blue, third layer: yellow. The walls were, of course, the same colors. One of the bedrooms (Launa claimed that one) is lavender with green accents, I guess we'll keep that color. These owners must have had some serious collections because they had shelves all up and down the walls in the master bedroom, and the living room had a shelf that just ran all the way around the room, with no regard for breaks in the walls. The house used to have a tile back-splash in the kitchen, but the owners evidently thought that linoleum was a better choice for walls. Oh yeah, I touched on this a little earlier, they glued everything onto the walls that they wanted to attach. But the house itself is awesome and just perfect for us! The yard is enormous and fenced in, and it's in the school district we want in a very cute little neighborhood. It has some really cool architectural details that we can totally work with, so we're going to offer less than the asking price and make them give us a decorating allowance. I think we can get it. 3 beds, 2 baths, and a screened in porch in front and in back...I'm thinking about eventually making the back porch into a family room. I don't think it'll take too much to close it in and finish it, and that would add value to the house. Anyway, we need to come up with $2000 to be able to make the offer. We'll see.

We got done at about 3:00 and Daniel had open house at school where we found out what class he was in and we got to meet his teacher. I like her so far. Daniel seems to like her too. So we finally got home at 6:00, Jeremy has to go in to work at 11:30, and I guess he was a little tired, so he went to bed. His new job pays half of his tuition if he goes to school, so he's going to take advantage of the opportunity. He's going to speak to an advisor this week I think. Wahoo! I never get to do so much in a day! It's almost invigorating (you know, except for the so exhausting you want to drop and sleep right where you are part!)! Actually, the truth is, I'm still feeling rather perky, even though I smell like dog and I'm sure my mascara is in the creases under my eyes. But what're ya gonna do? Have a great night everyone!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Polling Is Now Closed

Well, by the looks of things earlier this week, I was ready to have to scold you all for being so rude to the people taking your order...looks like I only have to scold a little less than half of you, so here it is: Shame on you for being so rude to the people taking your order at the local fast-food joint! Do you think those poor kids are paid enough to have to deal with the kind of attitude from customers? Let me tell you something misters, they aren't! I guarantee you they are making just about minimum wage, and having people yell at them for asking a question they have been trained (and may be forced) to ask, is not cool!

Having said that, it looks as if most of you prefer not to have the fries. Odd, I LOVE fries! Next time, just order them, and I'll eat them for you. Thanks to everyone who participated in the last poll, you may be expecting your "Have You Been Cranky Lately?" boondoggle with my face on it very soon! Congratulations, and don't forget to vote in my next poll.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hilarious Launa Quote of the Day:

"Dinosaurs are so big and healffy (healthy), that they, can turn into rocks!"

Friday, August 1, 2008

Can Anyone Say "Beaurocracy"?!




I almost thought I liked living in GA, but let me tell you something mister: getting all my ID and stuff is

First of all Georgia is a Southern state. I thought that Southern states were supposed to be all for the individual's rights to live their lives without the govt. infringing on them. This is not necessarily an infringement, but the hoops are insane! Ok, I moved from IL - liberal crazy state #3. Do you know what I needed to do to get an IL driver's license when I moved there from MO? Show them a copy of my MO driver's license and a piece of mail with my IL address on it (and since I had just gotten married and needed a name change, my marriage license.). In GA, you need your old license, birth certificate, and a piece of mail in your name. Put Jeremy's birth certificate on the list of documents I need to get a fresh copy of. To put Daniel in school, I need to have, must have his social security card, which they will have to copy. More red-tape. This seems crazy to me. How much proof of our existence do we need to have before they will let us live here?! It must be my crazy accent. They're not sure if it's an American accent. It could be Mexican or Canadian or Iranian. The funny thing is that my sister-in-law moved here from North Carolina, and all she needed to get her GA license, was her NC license! Who says the Civil War is over?

I Have Come To The Conclusion...

...that this is actually a really good blog. I've gone back through and read all of my old posts (mostly because I knew that I had a new visitor that read backwards through my blog a little ways), and I really think it's not so bad! I'm a little surprised because I thought it would be super boring. Okay, well some entries are, you can't hit a home-run every time, but I think I have a quality blog, and I'm very proud of it. I will also acknowledge that my first few entries were the best. I think though, that I may have a few too many pictures up. I need to at least get a few different kinds of pictures up anyway, I look like a total narcissist! (Ooh! I spelled that right on the first try! YAY me!) Which reminds me, I need to get a picture of my pup on this thing. Accursed 35 mm film! I have to take it to the store and pay to have it developed! Anyway, I'll quit telling you all what a great blogger I am. You may now use the comment section to agree with me. Well, go ahead! I can't wait to hear what nice things you have to say about me and my blog!