Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What I Did Today:

I woke up at 6:30 this morning because I heard something at my window and it totally freaked me out. It was Jeremy home from work early, throwing stones at my window, and needing to be let in because I forgot that he doesn't have a key to the top lock of the door...and I locked it...oops. I had to be up at 7 anyway since Superman had an appointment at the vet's office today. He got his rabies shot and a few others, he pooped in the corner of the room, and was totally in love with the nurse, who he wouldn't quit kissing all over, even when he was getting poked with a needle. He's doing just fine. I got home at about 10:10 and quickly made lunch , fed the kids and cleaned up in plenty of time to wake Jeremy up at 11:30 so we could leave to meet with the realtor at noon.

We're pulling out of the driveway at 11:45 and I get a call from her saying,"I had you on my schedule for 11:00!" NOOOOOOOO!!!! I apologized all over the place and she just laughed and told me she probably wrote it down wrong (well, it was a nice thing to say). We looked at a house that we like, but holy cow, I don't know what psychedelic drugs were coursing through the previous owners' veins because: WOW! The living room: a beautiful room with vaulted ceilings and an ocean theme complete with water-blue walls and sponge-painted ceiling, with framed magazine cutouts of dolphins glued to the wall. The master bedroom: a gorgeous trey ceiling painted bright primary colors. Seriously: first layer: red, second layer: blue, third layer: yellow. The walls were, of course, the same colors. One of the bedrooms (Launa claimed that one) is lavender with green accents, I guess we'll keep that color. These owners must have had some serious collections because they had shelves all up and down the walls in the master bedroom, and the living room had a shelf that just ran all the way around the room, with no regard for breaks in the walls. The house used to have a tile back-splash in the kitchen, but the owners evidently thought that linoleum was a better choice for walls. Oh yeah, I touched on this a little earlier, they glued everything onto the walls that they wanted to attach. But the house itself is awesome and just perfect for us! The yard is enormous and fenced in, and it's in the school district we want in a very cute little neighborhood. It has some really cool architectural details that we can totally work with, so we're going to offer less than the asking price and make them give us a decorating allowance. I think we can get it. 3 beds, 2 baths, and a screened in porch in front and in back...I'm thinking about eventually making the back porch into a family room. I don't think it'll take too much to close it in and finish it, and that would add value to the house. Anyway, we need to come up with $2000 to be able to make the offer. We'll see.

We got done at about 3:00 and Daniel had open house at school where we found out what class he was in and we got to meet his teacher. I like her so far. Daniel seems to like her too. So we finally got home at 6:00, Jeremy has to go in to work at 11:30, and I guess he was a little tired, so he went to bed. His new job pays half of his tuition if he goes to school, so he's going to take advantage of the opportunity. He's going to speak to an advisor this week I think. Wahoo! I never get to do so much in a day! It's almost invigorating (you know, except for the so exhausting you want to drop and sleep right where you are part!)! Actually, the truth is, I'm still feeling rather perky, even though I smell like dog and I'm sure my mascara is in the creases under my eyes. But what're ya gonna do? Have a great night everyone!


timpani76 said...

So, are you afraid to find LSD in the walls or something?

Who could sleep with primary colors on the walls? I would rather sleep in the underwater themed room.

Everyone Admires Mary said...

Yeah, I'm wondering if the bedroom with all those colors in it was just a collectibles or play room or something. It's very weird.

Everyone Admires Mary said...

I feel I should say that I think an underwater themed room could be really nice, if executed properly. This house just wasn't.

mean.gorilla said...

I'm sure you look beautiful AND perky, even if your mascara is caked under your eyes.I mean, come on, how could you be anything less than completely beautiful, with a cousin like yours?

Everyone Admires Mary said...

Good point. Of course anyone who looks at my photos on this blog knows how gorgeous I am. Y'all just imagine how beautiful my cousin must be.