Friday, August 1, 2008

Can Anyone Say "Beaurocracy"?!




I almost thought I liked living in GA, but let me tell you something mister: getting all my ID and stuff is

First of all Georgia is a Southern state. I thought that Southern states were supposed to be all for the individual's rights to live their lives without the govt. infringing on them. This is not necessarily an infringement, but the hoops are insane! Ok, I moved from IL - liberal crazy state #3. Do you know what I needed to do to get an IL driver's license when I moved there from MO? Show them a copy of my MO driver's license and a piece of mail with my IL address on it (and since I had just gotten married and needed a name change, my marriage license.). In GA, you need your old license, birth certificate, and a piece of mail in your name. Put Jeremy's birth certificate on the list of documents I need to get a fresh copy of. To put Daniel in school, I need to have, must have his social security card, which they will have to copy. More red-tape. This seems crazy to me. How much proof of our existence do we need to have before they will let us live here?! It must be my crazy accent. They're not sure if it's an American accent. It could be Mexican or Canadian or Iranian. The funny thing is that my sister-in-law moved here from North Carolina, and all she needed to get her GA license, was her NC license! Who says the Civil War is over?


lizS said...

stinkin' confederates!

timpani76 said...

You crossed the Mason Dixon line, welcome to the South. I visited the south 3-4 times a year as child, and then stayed there a good chunk of every summer.

Good: Food (hmmm, nothing beats southern cooking), friendly people (apparently not in the DMV though), not much snow, Elvis lived there, pretty places jump out of the woodwork and there is just something about southern people that I loved.

Bad: Mosquitoes the size of your hand, hicks (Dana could probably tell you more about these people), HOT humid summers, poor people LOOK really poor in the South for some reason, and there is this obsession with the Civil War that I never figured out.

Dana Cheryl said...

There is a reason why we've not let go of the war. It just takes a long, long time to explain.

Oh and conferderates don't stink... Southern folks usually take two baths a day! You've got to with the humidity.

Timpani's right though... Poor people really do look poor back home. They do a good job of disguising it here. But I'm not a hick Timpani. LOL! I've got all my teeth. :) I know what you're saying... I do have some pretty awesome hick stories.

Dana Cheryl said...

Oh and I'm totally blaming the frickin' liberal democrat welfare pushing Nazi-types for all the paper work.

There was a time when the democratic party was good and did good things but that's before they got power hungry which happened waaaayyyy before my time. There was a time when the term Southern Democrat meant integrity. That's no longer the case. Seriously they should change their name to the Post Modern Socialist Party.

Sorry ya have to wade through the red tape. It's ridiculous that they want a COPY of your son's social security card! Monitor his credit once they get it or he'll have a half dozen maxed out credit cards school's out.

Everyone Admires Mary said...

LOL Timpani, I forgot to mention on my post that the lady at the DMV had a very thick NY accent! HA! I guess it doesn't matter where you live, EVERYONE who works at the DMV is from NY!

You're also right about Democrats, DC, and Abe Lincoln was a Republican, which in the South is as good a reason as any to not want to be a Republican, since back in the day Republicans stood for more federal control than state control. It's different now, and people are starting to wake-up to that fact. My father-in-law was actually saying that for the first time ever they have a Republican governor, and for the last several years lots of traditionally Democrat held offices are losing to Republicans. I think that people are finally starting to actually look at the issues instead of just voting the way their daddy and daddy's daddy voted.

timpani76 said...

Oh Dana! I didn't mean YOU were a hick, I just meant you, having lived there, would have more stories about said people.

Anonymous said...

About three weeks ago I decided that having been in CA for 2 1/2 yrs, it might be a good idea if I would go ahead and get my CA drivers license. Your Gramma was with me which as you know means she met everyone waiting at the DMV. Anyway I filled out all the paperwork and waited about 45 minutes for my # to be called so I could go to the window and get the thing taken care of. So the woman asks me a few quesions like have I ever had a CA license b/4 and I said yes and she asked when and I said in the 1970's and she said I doubt it's still in the system... So it wasn't so she asked for my SS card shich is somewhenre in storage in TX and she asked for my birth certificate which was at the house since I did think to grab it as I exited TX. So she asks if I've ever had any other names. And I said yes and told her my maiden name was Guess, my 1st married name was Mattheews and I'd had CA lic. under both those names and she said neither matches your TX lic so you'll need a copy of marriage licenses and or divorce papers showing both names or rather all names. SO I had to send off to MO for copies of the big D papers and the M lic with the current name. When I asked if whe needed blood type and a sample she smiled and sid no. So I smiled back and asked why all these documents were required and she said. Teis is what CA requires since 911. SO I guess I'll make another attempt to be an upstanding citizen and become legal in CA.