Thursday, August 14, 2008


Some real clothes! All I've had these last 5 weeks are some jeans and ratty t-shirts! It's been driving me crazy! I look like a slob everywhere I go, Jeremy only had one pair of jeans, it's been a nightmare! So today, Jeremy and I went to his sister's shed determined not to leave until we had some decent looking clothes. We looked EVERYWHERE! Finally, at the very bottom in the back of the shed we found a bag of clothes labeled: "CLOTHES I WILL NEED"

See what happens when you let boys unload your moving van? (Really, I'm glad they helped, it would have taken much longer without them.) They also stacked my bedroom furniture in there without wrapping it. It should be nice and scratched up when we get them out. Yay for moving! I'm just glad I have some shirts with shape to them now!


Renae said...

Ha ha! "Clothes I will need" stuffed in the back of a shed. Figures!

lizS said...

you gotta LOVE moving. seriously.

timpani76 said...


theefxman said...

Yes, we will do anything to annoy you. So next time you move make sure to label your bags as follows.

"Shit I will never need."


or my favorite

"Please don't put this in the master bedroom next to the window.

Dana Cheryl said...

Hooray for clothes you actually both need & want! Girls like to feel pretty and favorite clothes sure help that effort. :)

Everyone Admires Mary said...

"Please don't put this in the master bedroom next to the window"! That's funny! I'll remember that next time.