Saturday, October 24, 2009

Balloon Hoax

Okay, this whole balloon hoax thing is ridiculous. I was trying to figure out how it was possible for a 6-year-old kid to be trapped inside a helium balloon and 1: be light enough for the thing to lift off the ground, and 2: be able to get inside the thing in the first place and 3: breathe. The whole situation was fishy from the beginning, and I'm sure maybe the authorities thought so too, but have to follow up on claims involving children. The Heenes are media whores and disgusting human beings. They deserve any charges that are brought against them along with any bills the police send their way, and probably even to have their children removed from the house since they were told to lie to the authorities and neighbors, (presumably) left the youngest child at home by himself, as well as taking resources from other potential real-life emergencies. These guys are just top-notch, grade-a DBs. Too bad they won't rot in prison for longer than 6 years at the most...on the other hand, they kinda need to hurry up and get out of prison so they can get off the state dime and start repaying the county for their hoax. And no, they should not be allowed to file bankruptcy in order to get out of it. Psychos.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Olympics

I know this is old news, but it's been eating at me for some time, and here's what I think. Everyone knows that President Obama went to Copenhagen to personally campaign to get the Olympics to Chicago in 2016. Everyone also knows that the USA was the first one cut from the running. Major embarrassment to President Obama. I personally don't care if the Olympics come to the USA or not, but here's what I think happened, and why it irritates me so much. I think that the Olympic committee cut the USA first as an intentional slap in the face to both America and President Obama. I think that all of the "love" that Europe has shown to our president, and all of the grovelling that Obama has done over there in the last couple of years, meant big fat nothing. Europe, and the rest of the world wants to put America in her place, and they have proven that they have no respect for our President or us. Period. That's fine with me. I'm not particularly fond of them either. But I think it's a bad idea for the world to bite the hand that feeds them. This would be the perfect time for us to withdraw foreign aide, and use it to pay down our $10 trillion deficit.