Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Olympics

I know this is old news, but it's been eating at me for some time, and here's what I think. Everyone knows that President Obama went to Copenhagen to personally campaign to get the Olympics to Chicago in 2016. Everyone also knows that the USA was the first one cut from the running. Major embarrassment to President Obama. I personally don't care if the Olympics come to the USA or not, but here's what I think happened, and why it irritates me so much. I think that the Olympic committee cut the USA first as an intentional slap in the face to both America and President Obama. I think that all of the "love" that Europe has shown to our president, and all of the grovelling that Obama has done over there in the last couple of years, meant big fat nothing. Europe, and the rest of the world wants to put America in her place, and they have proven that they have no respect for our President or us. Period. That's fine with me. I'm not particularly fond of them either. But I think it's a bad idea for the world to bite the hand that feeds them. This would be the perfect time for us to withdraw foreign aide, and use it to pay down our $10 trillion deficit.


lizS said...

he just won the nobel peace prize. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?! for WHAT?! stupidity?!!

timpani76 said...

Someone pointed out that they actually CHOSE him for that nobel peace prize when he was only in office as president for 9 days. Really? Nine days and he gets the award?

Hoba Chi said...

I was of two minds about the President/Olympics thing. On the one hand, I know that he was not going for the US, he was going for Chicago and himself. The President does not need to campaign for the Olympics. Especially on the tax payer dime. CITIES campaign to get the Olympics on their own dime!

On the other hand, the Olympic committee did insult the office of the President and USA. I heard it said the Olympic committee was not pleased w/how little time he spent there- basically flew in like a business trip- and was out of there. They felt snubbed. Boo-hoo! Your big bang is every two years, he is the President of the still heaviest hitting country in the world. You should be grateful that a head of state decided to visit. Some people NEVER get that.

As you said, I also think it was a sign of the great respect that Europe has for the President. He has shown how much that he wanted to be like them and has debased himself. No one respects that. I would rather the USA be despised, but respected.

Mary said...

Good points all around Erik. Honestly I could care less what the world thinks of us. People always hate the big dog. Jealousy, you know. The contempt shown for the President is just more than I can take when he's trying so hard to be liked by them.

You know, usually, I can take or leave people. (Usually I like them, and of course I want them to like me.) But if a person doesn't want to be around me, fine, I don't want to be around them either. But there was this one girl who I really wanted to like me. I made the biggest idiot out of myself trying to be liked by her. Then one day, after being trampled on by her again, I realized that I will never be good enough for her. And I quit trying to be liked by her. Now, while I'd like her to like me, I don't care anymore whether or not she does. It's not worth the grief because it's a losing battle.

President Obama needs to realize that, as much as he wants Europe to like him, it aint gonna happen now that he's the big dog. This is life. He should quit trying to get Europe to like him, and worry about what Americans think of him.

PS. Since the Olympic committee was so upset about the amount of time that Pres. Obama spent with them, I wonder, did the leader of Brazil make an appearance in Copenhagen? Just curious.