Monday, January 26, 2009

Hey - Check Out The Personality On Her!

I am reading a book called "Snoop: What Your Stuff Says About You" by Sam Gosling, PhD. So far it's somewhat interesting, but I'm only in the second (I think?) chapter. Anyway, there's this personality test, and I thought my answers were interesting, here's how I measure up to the "average" among women.

Openness - 11
Conscientiousness- 5
Extraversion- 9
Agreeableness- 9
Neuroticism- 10

Openness - 10.8
Conscientiousness- 11
Extraversion- 9.1
Agreeableness- 10.6
Neuroticism- 6.7

Seriously, it is freaking me out that I scored so high on Neuroticism compared to the "average" woman. I still scored highest on the "openness" thing, which is cool,because that's my dominant personality trait, and that's what da Vinci was, which means highly creative and open to new experiences, but I didn't score much higher than the "average" person with that. Look how much higher I scored in "neuroticism" than the "average" woman! I'm an emotional break-down waiting to happen! I see the irony in this post, and yet I just can't help how I feel about this personality score. I knew I was neurotic before, but I never really knew just how off the charts I was! I thought I was "normal"! HA! Somebody prepare the straight jacket, because we're gonna need it - and by the looks of things, it will be soon!

As a quick aside, also notice the low, low "conscientiousness" score.


Renae said...

You're funny! Those personality tests are all so stupid. As if you can really tell something about people from asking a few questions. There are so many many many variables, it's bound not to be accurate. Don't worry about it.

We should make up our own test that sounds all scientific and perfect and life changing and all of that rot. Only this one will invariably tell everyone who takes it that there is something fundamentally wrong with their psyche. Then we should put it out there on the www just to mess with people. Wouldn't that be fun!

lizS said...

i knew it! i knew all along you were an unfeeling psycho!
just kidding. seriously.

Bruce said...

this sounds like a job for brad

timpani76 said...

This test is based on your "stuff"? Like the stuff you own or what? That sounds like the most inaccurate test ever ;)

Your Favorite, and Mine - Mary said...

No, he acknowledged in the test that it was VERY basic, it was only about 10 questions, but there was a 120 question you could take online to get a better idea of your personality. They haven't gotten very far into what your stuff says about you yet, I'm only starting chapter 3. This was based more on things like "On a scale from 1 - 7 I am very anxious." You answer those questions on a sliding scale, do a couple little math problems, and it gives you a vague impression of where you sit on the personality spectrum. It wasn't supposed to be a definitive "THIS IS WHO YOU ARE, AND THERE ARE NO VARIATIONS" personality test.

Your Favorite, and Mine - Mary said...

PS 'Nae - That sounds like a whole lot of fun! We should totally do it! We could put it on geocities or something free that has writing software attached so we don't have to put any money into it. ;)

Dana Cheryl said...

I think the results from these type of tests depend on what's going on in your life. I think the Neuroticism score has a lot to do with moving across the country, living with people, looking for a home, jobs, putting the kids in a new school, new church family, etc...

If you take it in a few months it'll be different. Being open is really, really cool though. I'm wondering where I'd score on that. Maybe I should try and find the online test and take it. lol.

Your Favorite, and Mine - Mary said...

I'll make it easy for you, here's the site:

I was thinking about going there and taking the more thorough test myself, the one I took was just a vague, sketchy, 10 question test.

Good point about my current sitch making me a little more neurotic than is maybe normal even for me. I feel a little better now. And I DO like being open. :)