Sunday, February 14, 2010

Trailer Trash Valentine's Day

Welch's Sparkling red grape juice? Check!

Kraft processed cheese slices? Check!

Premium saltine crackers? Check!

Video games? Check!

"Future Millionaire" shirt? Check!

We are all set for the Valentine's Day to end all Valentine's Days!


Renae said...

I got Bruce a card with a shirtless muscley guy. The cards I saw were all pretty lame, and I figured he'd at least get a laugh out of the topless man card.

Mary said...

LOL! We just ooze class don't we?

Dana Cheryl said...

I'm jealous! Seriously, looks like ya'll had a good time!! :)

Dana Cheryl said...

Guess what!?!

I finally figured out how to follow you even though you don't have a handy "follower box" on your blog.

Ha Ha!!

Now I'm blog stalking you!!!!!


Dana Cheryl said...


The things that Launa says are the sweetest, most endearing, all together lovely things I've read today and possible ever.

They're definitely ranking waaaaay up there on my list!

Dana Cheryl said...


Have you voted on my poll?

Dana Cheryl said...


This is what's gonna happen on days we, your loyal followers, don't hear from you.

I'm going to take it upon myself to spam your comment box.

That way you know how much you are loved!


lizS said...

okay, i totally laughed my head off at your valentine's post. because it sounded like fun, lol!! and dana, you slay me. and i'm totally in with the spamming.

lizS said...

ps like this right?

lizS said...

pps am i doing it correctly?

lizS said...

ppps just want to try one more time, to make sure i've got it down. ;)

Mary said...

LOL! You ladies crack me up! Fine! I'll post something new today!

Dana Cheryl said...

Great job Liz!!! You rock!

Thx MC. We,your followers, appreciate it!