Saturday, February 20, 2010

An Overheard Conversation

The family went with me to clean the church tonight. I was cleaning the toilet in one stall, and the kids were in the bathroom with me. This is the conversation I heard:

Daniel: Can you see the blue part of my eye?

Launa: No.

Daniel: That's because I turned my eyes backwards into my head.

Launa: Did you see your brain?!

Daniel: Yes.

Incidentally, you will probably be happy to know that diarrhea man did not make an appearance this week. I wonder if he's been reading my blog? ;)


timpani76 said...

Maybe someone else who reads your blog figured out who diarrhea man was, and gave him an earful!

Renae said...

I think diarrhea man is actually diarrhea kid and he lives at my house.

I love kid conversations like that!

Dana Cheryl said...


Great way to start my Monday!

Kids really do say that funniest things...

Maybe, Diarrhea Man, decided he didn't like that as his super hero name. ha ha ha ha!

Mary said...

LOL! I know I sure wouldn't want to be known as Diarrhea Man! Even if I wore a mask.