Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Feelin' The Love

Alright, after reading all of your ridiculous comments from yesterday and this morning, I realize that you insane stalkers really do like me. So I'll go ahead and respond to your wackiness right here. Dana - sorry to make it so hard for you to become a follower of my blog. I'll add a follower box for all who would like to do so in the future (See? You inspire necessary changes for the better!). Also, thanks for telling me that you like to read about Launa. She's so cool, but I'm always afraid that I'm in danger of making this the "What Launa Said" blog. I have another funny story about her that I'll post in the next paragraph. Also, I hate that I don't post more about the Dan man, but he's just in a different stage of life, and he doesn't unintentionally say funny things at the rate of Launa. (Besides, I think she may be more that way forever than he is.) Finally, I did not vote in your poll, I have been a selfish jerk and have not been reading other people's blogs, just checking to see who's reading mine. I'll go there to vote as soon as I'm done with this!

Okay, Launa story! When I was feeling under the weather, Jeremy went to Game Stop to get a new DS game to keep me entertained. He got me this hidden object game, and Launa was helping me search for things. On one scene, we were looking for the last thing, and I found it! Launa launched into this gushing diatribe: "Mommy! You found it! I'm so proud of you! You're so smart! You're such a great mommy! You're amazing! How did you...?" And then she shut up, because I couldn't hide the amusement on my face, and she thought I was laughing at her (she's getting sensitive about that). She's definitely my little cheerleader. It doesn't matter how small the accomplishment, Launa comes around and makes sure I know exactly how awesome it was of me to do it!


timpani76 said...

Wow, all I get is "good job" from my kids. She's so cute and girly!

Dana Cheryl said...

Well, I do what to inspire Change we can believe in. lol!

Ya know, Change for the better, Change for America.


How could people have fallen for such a silly one word campaign slogan?! lol

Not that I'm a hater. I'm not. I just don't agree with his policies. I do think, however, that he has a beautiful family!! I also think he's faithful to his wife and a lot of politicians should follow his example.

OK... Enough of random political diatribe. Just be listening to the news.

So I absolutely love, love, love the fact that you & Launa play video games together. I'm gonna be a hip mom like that. :)

You must be a great encourager for her to be such an awesome one at her age. I love how geniune she is. It's so adorable.

Dan the man shines in his own way!

Dana Cheryl said...

Indescrible is playing!!!

This is one of my all time all time most favorites. It makes worship effortless. There's no part of me that this song doesn't fill with awe and inspiration.

Have a little worship moment here courtesy of MC's blog.


p.s. Thx for voting on my poll! Oh and you're not a jerk for being too busy to check out blogs. It happens. :)

Mary said...

You're right about Obama though He didn't run on anything but "change" and everyone just projected their idea of positive change onto him. They're learning though.

I'm probably a horrible non-Christian-ish girl, but I hate, Hate, HATE contemporary Christian music for the most part. I really TRY to like it, but there's very little that's as good as what the world is offering, so I have almost none of it on my blog. I do however, love that Chris Tomlin song for the same reason. It reminds me of exactly how big, cool, and amazing our God is.

lizS said...

launa is awesome. she needs to teach my kids a thing or two, lol!!

lizS said...

do we need to spam you again?

Mary said...

I posted on Svelte. Does that count?

Dana Cheryl said...

I'm so glad you're on Svelte. I'll be there soon!!

lizS said...

no. it does not count. okay. it counts as half a post. ;P
yeah, get your tooshie over there dana!!