Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Smell Of Rain

There's a smell just before the rain falls. You could smell it every time it rained in California. I smelled it rarely in St. Louis, but I smelled it today. It smells earthy and clean. It was heavy in the air before it started to rain. I love that smell.


lizS said...

people always look at me funny when i say it smells like rain, or snow. good to know i'm NOT crazy; there really is such a thing as a precipitation smell, lol!

theefxman said...

It's ozone, created at ground level from the green plants like grass, bushes etc. More potent when its a thunderstorm or electrically charged system.

Of course I could be totally wrong! Half the knowledge we learn in life we get from heresay from someone we trust... If we spent all of our time verifying facts we here we would be really busy!

But at least educated!

I'm dumb!

Ro... whats my name again?

theefxman said...


theefxman said...

I was close, it does have to do with charge on ground built up from moving atmosphere, but the ozone itself comes down towards the ground as its created in the buffer between storm clouds and earth..

Your Favorite, and Mine - Mary said...

Aha! Thanks Ro...I forgot your name too. Anywho, why is it that I almost never smelled it in the Midwest, but I almost always smelled it in CA and apparently smell it more here as well?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you didn't smell it in St Louis because you were to close to the Mississippi! You should have visited the south western part of the state more often when I was there. We smelled the rain a lot living across the road from farm land! It does however smell like rain in "not so sunny" So Cal these days! Love the smell of rain. But then I love the look of snow too. I just want it to be about 70* out with a nice soft groundcover of snow. Non on the roads, streets or sidewalks though. Only in the yards and trees!
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