Wednesday, February 4, 2009


My kids are no longer satisfied with paper and crayons, they want to "make crafts" with beads and glue and anything else messy they can get their hands on. Today I wouldn't let them have glue. No problem, they just used tape and made pictures with that! Daniel showed me his beautiful creation with some serious pride, laughing because of the giant head and the tiny body. I asked him how he thought that something with such a small body was able to support that huge head. He thought about it for a second and said, "I should have made him lying down." Which of course made me laugh. Here's the picture in question:

And here is Launa's (I can't put only one on, you know.):


Renae said...

"Lying down" Ha ha! Looks like I missed out on a great conversation yesterday! I'm not even going to try to read all of those comments, but I guess that makes me HORRIBLLY Irresponsible. Boil me in brine people! I wish we could use their methods (where they are heading anyway) on them, and just drown all of the idiots that seem to be taking over the world.

Your Favorite, and Mine - Mary said...

Eh, who needs to use their methods? We'll just MAKE a bunch of new fresh voters and train them in our value system. While the environmental whackos are replacing themselves 1-1 or .5-1, "breeders" are replacing themselves at a rate of 2-1 or more. Gotta like those odds!

Bruce said...

brine people? is that some sort of racist crack renae?

Anonymous said...

So it appears to me that Daniel is attempting to reverse Van Gogh's lack of an ear by adding eyes? Laying down sounds good to me!Launa Berry added cheeks! What a girl! Do you leave her out in the cold so her cheeks are rosy when she finally gets to come back into the warm indoors? I think the kiddos have talent!
We had 80* weather in Vta yesterday. Rainy today and for the next few days they say. I sohould have fixed the sprinkler system sooner. Now that it works we don't need it!
Love to all of you!
Aunt K