Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Good Advice - Not Just For The Individual Anymore!

Our government needs to start taking this advice as well.


timpani76 said...

Ok, that video did not like me at first, but I slapped it around, and it played for me eventually.

I miss Steve Martin, he's not in much anymore.

Your Favorite, and Mine - Mary said...

That's not true. He did the Pink Panther movies. One is coming out really soon. (Blech, I know.) He really is funny. His face when he says "Sounds confusing!" is great!

Anonymous said...

cool. good advice!


Oh sorry I have been ripping on your playlist... I wouldn't feel guilty except that every so often I remeber that not everyone one has god-like self esteem, like me. The truth is yours is better and I am just soooo jealous!

Your Favorite, and Mine - Mary said...

LOL John! You're goofy. But your vote doesn't count on my poll.