Sunday, February 22, 2009

Poor Chapstick

We have a split staircase, so someone standing on the landing at the top, can drop something to the bottom of the staircase directly below them. I JUST bought some Chapstick yesterday. I put it on this morning before church, and Launa wanted some too, so I told her she could use it. I hadn't seen it the rest of the day. So I asked her just now if she knew where it was. She said, "I fink it's in my pocket." I went downstairs to find the jacket she wore this morning, and she called from upstairs that she found it in her pocket. (Oops, it was upstairs, not downstairs.) So I asked her to toss it to me at the bottom of the stairs from the landing at the top. I'm standing under her with my hands out, waiting for her to drop it, but she's giggling up there, and isn't really sure exactly where to drop it. Finally she says in a high pitched Chapstick voice, "Don't drop me! I'm too young to die!" Love that kid.

Update: She just told Jeremy that she has "teensy weensy guns" in reference to her biceps.


lizS said...

lol! you gotta love that kid.

timpani76 said...

What is a chapstick voice exactly?

Anonymous said...

Launa's idea of what Chapstick would sound like if it could talk.


Anonymous said...

Hey it can talk! You heard it! And Launa is a witness to the event!
Hugs, Aunt K