Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why Won't My Drafts Save?

I am no longer on facebook. I'm having a little trouble adapting. I like being able to post something quick and get back to my life. I guess that's why my blogging has suffered. Anyway, I started a draft called "Things I Wish I Could Post to Facebook" and jotted down a couple of things like "The odometer in my car rolled over to 141414!" and "I just made the best pot roast of my LIFE!" and "I just tripped over the plastic hamper in my living room (it wasn't where it belonged), fell on top of it, and broke it. At least I'll have a couple of really cool bruises!"

I was going to save up a week's worth of posts and then blog them, but the drafts won't save! It's driving me bonkers! Maybe I should make a list to keep in the margin of my blog and start fresh every week.


Mary said...

I have a bruise, alright. But it's invisible. :( What's the use in having a bruise if nobody can see it and feel sorry for you?

Mary said...

"Glad that we weren't the only ones having trouble getting our behinds out of bed this morning. Almost everyone was rushing to the stop as the bus pulled in."