Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I Enjoy My Children Tremendously

My kids are so cool. They are fun, they are nice, and they have loads of personality! (For any of you doubters, ask around. People frequently tell me I have ridiculously good children. They can be loud sometimes, but overall, they're good kids.)

Anyway, yesterday at school Launa received a bunch of stuff from the post office - a coloring book, some brochures and a tiny plastic flag that could be mounted on the computer (with a mount that reads, "THIS IS MY POST OFFICE"). Launa had two of them, so she gave one to Daniel. We had sandwiches for supper last night (since J and I ate the big meal for lunch, see below), and my kids spent the evening pitching their flags into their bread and claiming it for the USA. I admit that perhaps this means that their table manners could stand some improvement, but it was actually very funny. I got to hear phrases like, "I claim this hamburger bun in the name of the USA!" and, "I claim this Swiss cheese in the name of the US of A!!"

Then, close to bedtime, Daniel told me that his principal went around the school giving suckers to the kids for Valentine's Day. He described the sucker as tasting like "an old lady's house." This, I imagine to taste a lot like Chanel no 5. He said it tasted more like new house. I don't know how he can equate "new house" with "old lady" but I liked the association.

Finally, today, just teasing my daughter I asked her, "Why do I even keep you around, anyway?" She said to me, "Because I'm your daughter, and you'd miss me, and I'd stand on the front porch with a sad, sad look on my face, in the rain ..."

I tried to convince her that I'd occasionally look out the window and wave to them from the warmth of my comfy bathrobe between sips of delicious hot cocoa. She knew better. Ah, my kids are nice.

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Mary said...

Darn it. I just realized that Launa stuck her flag to my computer using the adhesive strip. I LOOOOOVE having children... o_O

Darn it, darn it! I could take it off and save my computer now, but Launa put it there and I kinda feel sad about taking it off now. I hope when it finally comes off that it won't be too hard to get the stickiness off. *sigh*