Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm sure this comes as a shock to most of you, but I have come to a conclusion about myself:

I am a very shallow person.

I know, I surprise! Right out of left field!

As a child I used to think that I was responsible and mature. I used to think that I was a deep thinker, and an intellectual.

What did I know?

I know the truth now.

If it isn't fun, I won't do it. If I have to think too hard about it, then it's too much like work, and I won't waste my time on it. This explains why my house is always a wreck. It explains why I only read fiction. It explains why I spend the minimum amount of time on my homework. I HATE work!

I am an irresponsible, shallow human being.

I would have thought this realization would upset me since it is so different from my former perception of myself, but as I have come to terms with my true self, I have also found that it doesn't bother me. Ah well.


lizS said...

lol! i don't think you're shallow. silly girl!

Mary said...

Shallow as in I don't wanna think too hard. And if it ain't fun, I ain't thinking about it.