Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Silly Kid Stories

1: Daniel went to Summer camp this week. (Can you believe it?!) It was only from Sunday evening to tonight, so he'll be home this afternoon. Anyway, for about 2 weeks he was agonizing over going. He didn't want to be away from us, he was so scared, you know how they are. I had to tell him how much fun he would have, and that he wouldn't even miss us. Anyway, after the first night, one of his cousins got a little lonely for her mommy, so while they were on the phone, they asked Daniel if he wanted to talk to his parents. "Nope!" he says, "I'm fine, I don't need to talk to them." Haven't heard from him all week. ;)

2: Jeremy took a nap yesterday, and Launa helped him get all settled in. Launa came downstairs and told me that he started sleeping with my blanket, so she gave him his blanket instead, but that she put my blanket where it would be safe. Right next to daddy. I asked her how she knew it would be safe there. I asked her what if Daddy ate it. Launa and I argued over it for a little bit, then she said, "I have a suspicion that he doesn't eat blankets."

3: Launa has started doing this "imaginary rope" thing where, when she wants my attention, she tells me she's pulling me with her rope, and pantomimes pulling on a rope. It's very funny, and of course I can't resist the game.


timpani76 said...

Summer camp! Ah, good times. I remember missing my BED more than my mom when I went to camp. I slept so good the first night back in my own bed.

Launa is so creative!

Mary said...

LOL! Missed your bed more than your mom! But I think you're right. When you get home from camp you sleep for like a week. Daniel is only 6 of course, and he's been a little clingy since he got home. He cries when his dad leaves for work, and stuff like that. But I wouldn't be surprised if that's more because he's tired and worn out still than anything.