Monday, June 22, 2009

Guess What I'm Doing?

Avoiding homework.  Which is kind of dumb, because it is easy.  Kinda.  It's easy, but it's worth a lot of points, so I have to be sure that I get it right. The good news is that I love doing Power Points, and I think the next project I have is also Power Point.  I guess my prof. likes Power Point too. (It's so much more fun than just writing a long paper.  I get to add pictures and summarize, and all that fun stuff!) I still have to write 200 words for each slide in the notes section, but I can be quite loquacious when I need to be, so that won't be hard. :)


lizS said...

if you're avoiding homework, why haven't you checked your email? cause i emailed something exciting, and have just been WAITING for you to email back, since i can't CALL you, so get on it already! i am not a patient person, lol!

Eyepoke said...

powerpoint rules!

Dana Cheryl said...

Why is it that so many of us often avoid homework even if we like the assignment? I think for me it's because I don't like being obligated to do anything. I need to get over that!

I really enjoyed our Facebook chat the other night. We need to continue when whenever we can. I swear the fates were conspiring against us. lol.

Oh and I was wondering if you could make your comments page pop up. I really dig your songs & would love to listen to 'em while I'm rambling on & on & on.

p.s. I'll try to take a picture of one of our road signs. We dont' have a sign that says "Welcome to Possum Hollow" or anything. Mostly because the folks here don't like strangers & really don't care to welcome them. lol. We do have state road signs that indicate the name of the road. So if I ever get to leave my house I'll take a pic just for you!! :)

Love you and I'm still praying for you & your family after the passing of your grandmother. God bless!

Renae said...

Get back to work SLACKER!!!

Mary said...

Liz- I read your email, but I couldn't reply to it for some dumb reason...sometimes I hit the reply button and then the little thinking symbols pop up for like 3 hours but nothing ever happens, so I had to wait until it would let me. Sorry...but I'm sure by now you've gotten my reply.

John- Yes. It does.

DC- I enjoyed our conversation too. Maybe we can try again tonight...I will probably be awake pretty late as is my habit. I could see about making my comments page pop-up. I never really thought about trying to do that, but when you ask in that way with that logic, stroking my ego in just the right way, who am I to deny you?

'Nae- Yes ma'am.

Dana Cheryl said...

That you for the pop up comment box!!! I appreciate it. OK I'm up for another attempt at chat. One of these days... lol!

Mary said...

PS: I got a perfect score on that assignment.