Thursday, May 21, 2009

What The Army Will Do To You



Note: This picture is a mirror image, the baret really goes the other way.


Renae said...

You should have put that really weird picture where his head is all warped and wide on the bottom, but pointy on the top. That would have been funny!

timpani76 said...

Woo hoo! Army makes you hotter?

R2D2 said...

Heck yes! It was so awesome to go to the Army base and drool all over the hot Army men! ;) That was a gooood day!

In the picture it looks like the Army turns James into a good-lookin' and civilized man, but it looks like it turns Jody into two small children. It wasn't really supposed to look that way, but there you go. Tomorrow I'm going to post some more photos I have of James in uniform on FB.

Oh, and I'm Mary, not the boy! ;)

lizS said...

yes, i must say, the lack of beard is a vast improvement, lol!

Mary said...

I know!! He is such a good-looking guy, but that icky beard covered his beauty.