Friday, May 1, 2009


My kids have been monsters today, they won't go to sleep, now the stupid weather service is running all of the sirens and the kids are worried, and I can't get on Facebook, and I guess I should probably get to work on phase 2 of the group project, and my eyes hurt, and I just want everyone and everything to shut up and leave me alone!!!


timpani76 said...

Try eating something with protein (peanut butter) and then resting your eyes in a dark room for 5 minutes. Your blood sugar sounds low ;)

Dana Cheryl said...

Hope the day and the weather got better! Lots of love on a crummy day. T's advice sounds good. I think I'll try it. :)

Mary said...

Well, eventually the kids went to bed and then I watched a movie. Not too bad. And Jeremy made brownies, so I ate one. I should have put peanut button on one though. That would have been great!