Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Idea!

Launa likes to come into the bathroom and chat with me once I get in the shower. It's always interesting to hear what she's thinking about. Yesterday I asked Launa if she could think of a way to make a million dollars. Her first idea was to make a money machine. I told her that was a great idea, but that I wanted to invent something original. So she came up with the idea of a breakfast machine. I asked her what it would look like, and she told me there would be a girl one and a boy one. The girl one would have unicorns all over it, and the boy one would have horses all over it. Talking about a breakfast machine reminded me of the opening sequence in PeeWee's Big Adventure. So I took Launa downstairs to see if they had it on YouTube. Of course they did! In fact, they had the whole movie broken up into 10 minute segments on YouTube! So we watched it together. Good times.


timpani76 said...

I want a breakfast machine to make homemade breakfast for my kids. I'm a cereal bar kind of mom ;)

Mary said...

LOL Timpani. My kids are happier without a breakfast machine. They wouldn't eat an egg if I covered it in candy. They are happier with cereal. Well actually, Launa likes pancakes best probably, but I usually just buy them frozen so I don't have to make them myself. They never turn out right when I try to make them.