Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Novel Idea

Okay, it's confession time.

I HATE to cook. Or maybe it's not that I hate cooking as much as I hate cleaning up after cooking. Whatever it is, I cook as little as possible.

In any event, with Jeremy's massive pay cut, the inevitable has happened. We just can't afford to eat out like we used to.

Confession number two:

The very worst day to cook in my opinion, is Sunday afternoon right after church. If we could eat out one day during the week, the day I would like to eat out is Sunday. We do this pretty often. (I know, that causes others to break the Sabbath, I'm really bad.)

Well, they were having one of those school fundraisers where you eat out one day at a certain restaurant and a portion of your sale goes to the school. That was this Thursday, so we ate at Fuddrucker's. There was no money left to eat out anywhere else this week, and I had originally planned on making ravioli for dinner Thursday, so I decided to make it on Sunday after church.

Let me tell you something. Twice this week, I have not wanted to cook, but I did because I had to. Let me tell you something else. After I had made dinner, I was so glad that I did! My family loved the two meals I made, and I did too. And the fixing and clean-up were not bad at all! I had gotten into the habit of eating out because it was convenient and I didn't want to cook. But cooking isn't so bad, and I feel so much better about myself as a wife and mother. I know I'm doing the best thing for my family, we'll probably lose a ton of weight, and I'm finding out that I'm a pretty good cook too! Yay me!


lizS said...

i hate to say i told you so...just kidding! this is great though, i'm so happy and proud of you! john and i were just talking about this subject (not in conjunction with you though) and how much we enjoy having our meals at home, and how nice it is to have them home cooked, ect ect. and i seriously think cooking is like reading a really good book. the more into it you get, the better it gets, the harder it is to "put it down", or in other words, stop doing it! love you!

lizS said...

oh, and the BEST way to cook on sunday is to crock pot it, if you can. seriously, through it together before church, or even the night before, plug it in, and forget about until dinner. it's awesome!

The Marinator said...

Yeah, and funny thing, fast food is tasting pretty grodie these days too. Ick. And I too love the old crock-pot for Sunday dinner idea. Do you still have that recipe for beef stroganoff we made that one time with cream cheese and golden onion soup? That stuff was SOOOOOOOO good! But I don't remember how to make it.

lizS said...

oh, yeah, i still have the recipe. i'll find it and email it to you. tomorrow though.

The Marinator said...

Ooh yay! That's some good stuff! I think Jeremy even liked it!