Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Photos Than You Can Shake A Stick At!

So I finally got some photos developed, and I am thrilled with what I got back! Haven't you all been asking about what our dog Superman looks like? Well, wonder no more! Have you ever wondered how close we got to Adam West at Dragon Con? You're about to find out! Do you want to know how great my kids look with Liz's kids? Gaze away my friends, because I have pictures of all of these things and much, much more! Get ready for a virtual smorgasbord for your eyeballs! You lucky dogs!

Here's a great photo of our new giant family member, Superman.

Erik and Launa just before the big move. In the bottom picture, Erik is kissing Launa and she's trying to push him off! Love it! Also, those are Liz's pink toes in the photo, and those ugly man feet must be John's.

Daniel and Jonni. He's 6 months older than that girl, and look how much height she has on him! Long tall Jonni. Look how dirty my lens is in that first photo of them! Wonder why? It's clean on the next one, taken directly after. Weird.

Adam West actually posed for Jeremy to take his photo, but later when we wanted his autograph he wanted $50. We walked away from that particular "opportunity".

This guy's costume was SO cool! He could make the dragon's head move and roar and all kinds of cool stuff. His kids also had small little dragon costumes (without all the bells and whistles) I'm sorry the camera man didn't get pictures of them too, they were cute!

Some of the more interesting things from the Dragon Con parade. Wesley and Buttercup in this photo are Jeremy's sister Stacey and her husband Chris. (He's Superman's veterinarian.)

We saw this Ferrari at Underground Atlanta. Jeremy HAD to take a picture of it.

I took this photo because it was posted and all official looking in Underground Atlanta. Can you spot the silly mistake?

Atlanta, Georgia, home of Coca-Cola. Very cool neon sign I had to get a photo of.

This is a giant spider that made its' home between the house and the porch steps at Jeremy's parents' house. Somehow it's less impressive in the photo - really, it was HUGE!

Launa and her cousin Jocelyn playing the organ at my mom's house.

Launa and her cousin Evelyn eating blocks at my mom's house.

My children holding hands in their sleep. (So sweet!)

There were so many good photos, but I'm afraid I'm going to bog down your computers enough as it is, so I'd better stop here. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed them.


Al said...

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You for sharing such wonderful pix. What beautiful children, and how fun to see everybody after so long, even if some where in costume or their feet were the main attraction. This time...;) I spent about 2 hr's trying to get caught up on your blog this afternoon/evening. (DSL is an amazing invention, isn't it!?!) It is VERY good, you know. (I'd say that even if I weren't your mom.) Enjoyed all the back and forth. You have wonderful friends and I'm glad you are willing to share. Love you, and kiss the kids. Mom

lizS said...

great pics! the ones of our kids almost made me teary eyed. definitly made me miss you guys. love and hugs for you!

Dana Cheryl said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to take, develop, scan, etc...

There are so many good ones! The kiddos holding hands was so, so sweet.

I noticed the mistake. "reduceds" Was that the only one?

The Marinator said...

Liz - aren't they gorgeous? I miss you guys too, but it's only an 8 hour drive for you to come visit me (or vice versa) That's not so bad.

DC - that's the error. It cracks me up that no one seemed to notice (care?) that there was this big glaring mistake in their exhibit! Maybe no one really reads that stuff and I'm the only freak that actually takes the time. Anyway, I think the letter could be peeled off if they cared to do it. (Also, I just had them put the photos on a disk for me when I took them to be developed. Saves me lots o' time but not money.)

Dana Cheryl said...

Yeah the disk option is nice!

I wonder if anyone has ever pointed it out to 'em. lol!

The Marinator said...

LOL! I don't know, but it's on the internet now, buddy!