Monday, March 29, 2010

Reupholstering My Life

Okay, by now anyone who knows me or has any connection with me on Facebook knows that I have been reupholstering a table and chair set that we got from Jeremy's sister. We are super happy to have a table and chairs that we can eat at and put our food on at the same time (I think, I haven't had the opportunity to try it out yet). I am going to post the before pics today, and tomorrow, when the whole thing is done, I will post the afters.

A few thoughts on this project:

1: It was really fun to do something together as a family.

2: No one else in the world has a table and chair set like this.

3: It's possible that this make-over cost us more than just buying a brand-new dining room set at Walmart.

4: My house is a Wreck! (With a capital 'W')

5: D'oh! I just thought of a way to do the corners on the chairs that would probably look a whole lot better, but I only have one chair left to do!

6: I wonder what I'm gonna do with the old dining room set?

7: Can't wait to try them out tomorrow!

Before pictures:

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Mary said...

Urg. Blogger has been really weird today. The loading, options and stuff just have not worked right, and now my pics won't load. Oh well, you've all seen the pics anyway.