Thursday, March 4, 2010

More Pictures!

I finally found the cable to my camera and can upload the pics! So here we have pictures from Launa's birthday, where school got snowed out, so we had time to go to Chuck E. Cheese, and the place was a ghost town! It was the best trip to Chuck E. Cheese we EVER had! And then I also have a self-taken picture of myself with the Assistant Professor of English at Georgia Highlands College, Professor Jesse Bishop, who was my interview today. (I'll always remember my first!) Anyway, enjoy!


lizS said...

that is one g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s redhead! and an interview!!!? how did it go?!?

lizS said...

you do NOT have an adam's apple! that's all in your head!

Mary said...

I like my little redhead. That was a good pic.

LOL! The interview was the one I did for the cable tv show. heheheh... David Paul let me watch it when I finished on the little LCD screen and I was visibly nervous, I didn't have the comfortable and charismatic presence of an experienced interviewer, but DP liked that. He thinks it adds interest when the audience gets to watch someone squirm. I did alright in the beginning, but the final couple of questions got a little disjointed along with the closing. Just inexperience. You may watch my humiliation in two weeks. The good news is that the host likes me and wants me to do it again. So with practice, I'll get better. Man, do I need to lose weight, tho!

And thanks for what you said about my Adam's apple. It's still there. It also annoys me that my lip pulls down in one corner when I talk, so of course watching myself was torture! Fun.

timpani76 said...

I could never watch myself on camera. You are so brave!

Dana Cheryl said...

Launa looks like quite the birthday star. She really models for the camera! Vacant Chunk E. Cheese sounds awesome!!

Yay for the 1st Interview!! Can't wait to see it!