Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Finally finished the job!  Jeremy's chair was the hardest.  For some reason the back part of the chair top did not wish to receive any staples and repelled them like opposing magnets!  I think I wasted at least 2, and maybe even 3 of those long strings of attached staples just trying to get some to stick into the back!  It was maddening!  I finally got a few to stick well enough to get the fabric to stay on, so hopefully there won't be problems with it falling apart later.  We'll just have to see. I'll use gorilla glue next time - at least on Jeremy's chair.

Here's the finished product!

My side of the table.

Launa's side of the table.

Daniel's side of the table.

Daniel's chair.

Launa's chair.

My chair.

Jeremy's chair.

So the workmanship is amateurish, but I can guarantee you that this is the only dining room set in the world like this. And it's mine! My children helped to make it, and they chose their own fabric for their chairs.  I love it.

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Dana Cheryl said...

This is really cool!! I've been reading design blogs and can't wait to hit the yard sales after getting my own place again.