Saturday, March 13, 2010

I Guess It Just Grew Legs And Walked Away!

I was making dinner, and wanted to open a can of olives. I opened my knife/gizmo drawer, where the can opener lives:

But it wasn't there.

I looked in my silverware drawer thinking that if Jeremy put it away, he may have done something different with it than I would:

But it wasn't there.

I looked in my kitchen gadget caddy:

But it wasn't there.

Not knowing where else to look, I checked on top of my microwave, because it is a popular landing pad for junk:

But it wasn't there.

I had looked everywhere. There was no other logical place that the can opener would be, and I wanted to finish making dinner.

So I went next door to borrow theirs.

I brought it home.

I used it.

I sent the children to take it back.

While they were gone I turned around and:

Yep! Right next to the sink.

I knew as soon as I used the neighbors' I'd find mine. Sometimes, that's all it takes.


lizS said...

and they say I'M the one who's concussed with amnesia problems...

timpani76 said...

Your gadget caddy has a scary resemblance to my gadget caddy! I think this is why I like to have 2-3 of everything! I hate looking for things, it puts me in the foulest mood of all.

Mary said...

Jeremy was mad that I posted pics of my scary kitchen. I explained to him that they told a story in an interesting way. Then he got it, but I still don't think he liked it.

Dana Cheryl said...

I love your kitchen!!! Looks like happy, busy, fun people live there!

Janiece said...

I like your kitchen, too! and I love the people that use it!

Suggestion: Next time you can't find something, send Daniel to ask the neighbor if he can borrow theirs right away. That way you won't have to waste so much time looking for the one at your house. ;)

Mary said...

Good idea Mom! :) Maybe I should just start keeping spares in the couch cushions, that way I'll always know where to look.