Monday, March 16, 2009

Launa's New Toy

Some people might find a toy like this disturbing:

But not Launa! This is what she bought with her birthday money.


timpani76 said...

Disturbing? Because some of the dolls are dressed kind of trashy?

lizS said...

no, because you don't just switch clothes, you switch torsoes, and legs and heads as well. *shudder*
who knew sweet little launa had THAT in her!

Renae said...

That is funny! And about that Wyoming Commune, find us a job and I'm there!

Mary said...

Actually, the clothes aren't too bad. Bellies don't show since it would show where they were Frankensteined. Yep, I'm raising a future sadist.

'Nae- We won't need jobs! We could sell our handicrafts on eBay to pay our mortgages, and most of our other stuff we'll make or grow for ourselves.

Mary said...

Oops, I guess there's ONE belly shirt. And I'm so adamant about Launa not getting a Bratz doll! Talk about hypocrisy!

timpani76 said...

They are mostly good girl dolls ;)

I want to be able to attach my head to another body! Ok, maybe not, that sounds pretty complicated ;)

((((Shudder))))) (as I remember the new X-Files movie)