Monday, December 6, 2010

Cub Scouts

Daniel started Cub Scouts this school year. He is a bear cub. Today they worked on earning their wood-working badges, and they made bat houses. You read that right, bat houses. Because I want screechy, rabies riddled, terrifying flying rodents around my house. It's a good thing that we rent, because I can say that we aren't allowed to put it up. Here are pictures of the bat house that Daniel, Launa and I (but mostly Daniel) made at scouts:

Daniel and Launa posing with the bat house:

Close-ups of the sides and inside. That's some high quality craftsmanship!

I hope the bats don't end up with tetanus on top of their rabies.

As a reward for sticking with me this long, an added bonus - Launa playing the DS:

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