Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What Happened to My Nectarines?!

Have you ever wondered what happens to a nectarine after many months? In early summer I found a great deal on nectarines, and being the savvy shopper that I am, I picked up a couple. I took them home, but didn't put them away immediately. I guess at some point, Jeremy must have decided to clean up the dining room, or at least clear it out enough that it could be used for its intended purpose. In any event, the nectarines disappeared. I looked for them in the fridge (Where they belong?! HA!), they weren't there. I looked for them on the counter (under all the junk that I keep there, of course), but they weren't there. I looked for them in the dining room on my chair where I had last seen them, but they weren't there. I looked everywhere else in the dining room. Not there. I even looked in my laundry room/storage closet (hereinafter referred to as "the utility room") which is right next to my kitchen. But I could not find it there. I started to worry a bit because I know that nectarines are highly perishable, but I figured that my nose would eventually lead me to them.

The nose never did find the nectarines, but my Christmas stuff did!

I suppose that from my pictures you have probably guessed that housekeeping is not my strong suit. And you would be right. The thing is, if the parts everyone sees are cluttered, imagine how the closets must be! Yeah. It's no wonder I couldn't find those nectarines. My Christmas boxes, when the decorations are not in use, reside in my utility room attached to the kitchen. Along with every plastic bag I have ever brought home from the grocery store, I guess it makes sense then, that I couldn't find the one plastic bag that HAD THE NECTARINES IN IT!!! It is Christmas time, folks! Those nectarines were from early summer! Would you like to know what I found in place of the nectarines?!

Actually, no, you wouldn't.

I will spare you the description, because I don't know how close you are to eating, or just how long ago you ate. Let's just say that I'm not curious enough to have peeked into the bag of liquid I found next to my Christmas stuff as I took it out to the dumpster (sometimes apartment living has its advantages).

You see, I learned very early in my adulthood never, ever to store produce in the utility room with my washing machine. It happened like this: I had a bag of potatoes that I had nowhere to put. I thought my utility room would be a great place for this. Then about a week later, there was a hideous stench coming from that room. I went to investigate, and what did I find?

Exploded potato guts in a bag!! That's what I found!

Ever since that learning experience, I have kept my produce out of my humid utility room. I guess I forgot to inform Jeremy. Hmm, maybe I should tell him now.


lizS said...

it was just as funny the second time around, lol!!

Mary said...

I'm glad you thought so! I felt it lacked a little of the punch it had the first time around, so I'm feeling very gratified. :)

Mary said...

It took me 2 days to be able to post that comment! Something funky was going on.