Saturday, November 20, 2010

Sweet Launa

Okay, so this might be "overshare" territory, but I was in my underwear after my shower, and Launa came in. She wanted me to help tear the perfume samples out of a magazine we had been talking about and looking through together earlier. So I sat down, and we were looking through the magazine, when she starts patting my adorably distended mommy belly. She said, "Belly, belly, belly. I used to live in there. It used to be my home." And she kissed it. Suddenly my belly doesn't seem so hideous to me anymore.


lizS said...

i should have commented earlier, my apologies.
i do love that girl of yours! i feel similar when my little boy tells me i'm pretty. :D aren't kids grand? (well, they have their moments, lol!)

timpani76 said...

I wonder if this is universal? Vance pats my tummy and asks about when he lived in my belly. It is nice to think that are bodies are so amazing that we can carry these wonderful people in them for nine months! QQ also likes to tell me how beautiful I am, and how beautiful she is, and how pretty all of our clothes are. It's pretty funny ;)

Mary said...

Liz, they're pretty great. I recently read an article about how scientific data shows that becoming parents actually makes people MISERABLE, but parents insist that they love it. The article was an attempt to reconcile this, and it finally came to the conclusion that parents are oxytocin junkies living for the rare sweet moments with their little hellions. (If you're curious, this is the article: )

T: That comment about QQ made me laugh! You have a content little girl on your hands (and maybe a future fashionista?)! I love it!