Sunday, April 4, 2010

Silly Little Article

Ran across this article tonight. It uses a deck of cards to reveal personality types. Here's what it says about me:

I am a 2 of spades.

"Spades are confident, strong-willed and wise. Even when they are young, Spades will often act more mature than their age. These are the workers of the deck. Spades are more interested in doing their jobs well than talking about them or becoming too emotionally involved with others. Spades can be stubborn and don't like it when others try to control them. Spades find satisfaction in careers in construction (building), broadcasting and health care. And, as the symbol of 'transformation,' Spades can also be successful in industries that deal with death or dying, and mysticism.

Two is sensitive, logical and comfortable in partnerships because you enjoy having someone to talk to, or bounce ideas off of. Avoid being insincere or becoming too dependent on the opinions of others."

Interestingly, I share this number with my boys Glenn Beck ans Rush Limbaugh (and also Howard Stern I'm afraid).

I don't put much stock in this obviously (confident? worker? really?) but a girl can dream.

1 comment:

Dana Cheryl said...

Wow! It's cool that you share your card with two of your favs...

It makes sense though because you're on TV now!!

I'm the Queen of Diamonds... Maybe I blog about that. lol!!