Thursday, April 1, 2010

Inadequacy of Taste

I love music. I think I have pretty good taste in music. But I also feel a little bit limited in my musical experience. I grew up in a rock n' roll family that went to hymn & chorus singing churches growing up. The classical music that I know, I like. However I feel a bit stupid and uncultured when it comes to music other than rock music. I know music from the 50s to the present, with a noticeable gap in 70s music knowledge because 70s music for the most part stinks (even the worst decades have the occasional good song, but I'm talking in generalities here). Studies have shown that people who prefer pop music are not very deep thinkers, while those that like jazz and classical are generally smarter than everyone else. I can see that. Usually the reason that I listen to music is so that I don't have to think. Maybe that's why I like it so much. People don't usually think of rock music as beautiful or even very deep. It's funny to me, though, that the right rock song will still move me to tears. Most of the songs that do that to me are associated with a memory or a different time in my life and fill me with longing for things that I miss. It's even more than that though. Sometimes I'm actually where I want to be when I listen to the right song. That's all.


timpani76 said...

You do have good taste in music. I love your play lists.

Liking classical makes me smarter?
I would like to see that study, I think it may be biased ;)

I have pretty terrible taste in rock music otherwise, I kind of rely on more rock-saavy siblings to help me out in that area!

Dana Cheryl said...

I love particular artists...

Rob Thomas is a poet. Truly his words move me. He uses some turns of phrase on every album.

There are others that move me deeply as well. However, sometimes I just want to dance or be motivated or remember good times.

You do have great taste in music. I agree with Timpani. I love your play lists!!!