Monday, April 5, 2010

Internet Detox

Mary has been a neglectful wife, mother and house-keeper. The biggest reason for this is my Internet addiction! Jeremy and I have agreed that we need a media detox. He - video games, me - internet. The kids are home from school this week and they deserve better than looking at the back of my head and having Jeremy craning his neck around them every time one of them has to walk through the room this week. We are going to have a good time hanging out as a family this week, and the Internet is NOT invited to this party. See you all next week.


lizS said...

yay for detox! you better post a ton of pics when you get back though!!!

Renae said...

I need one too

Dana Cheryl said...

Detox is good! I do it every now and again. Usually after returning to the cyber world I find a few things I can do without like silly games. That gives me more time to do the stuff I really want to do online as well as more time to interact with the real world.

Good for ya'll!!