Friday, December 26, 2008


Ok, so I still don't have Internet. Here's the short version:
I called AT&T to get home phone and Internet. I told the salesman that I needed their cheapest Internet service. So he put in the order and tells me it's going to be $95 a month! I freaked out and told him that's WAY more than I expected. He told me that with fees and taxes that's what it came to. I still wasn't happy, so he "throws in" a "free" DSL modem, and a $50 cash back deal, and knocks the monthly price down to $85/mo.................. yay.................. So I took it, because I knew that AT&T has the best price, I shopped around. Anyway. They told me that our phone would be hooked up on Tuesday (I ordered service on Thursday). It's starting to get late on Tue, and I still don't have phone or Internet. So I call to see if they plan on coming out, and if I have to be home. They tell me that there was no work order to have the phone hooked up that day, but they'd get the phone hooked up for us. While I was talking to the customer service girl, she wanted to confirm the work order, so she looks at her screen and says to me,"There are 4 speeds of Internet access, and I see you want the fastest speed, is that right?" Me: "WHAT?! NO! I told the guy that I needed the cheapest service!" So she was really nice and fixed the problem for me. But she had to cancel the old order and put in a new order, so I lost like 4-5 days on my Internet order! She told me that she couldn't call to see if they could rush my order, because I had to give it 24 hours, or else she would do it. I called the Internet people the next day, and explained about the scuzz-bucket that was trying to pad his commission, and that I take online classes I have to have Internet for, and the girl I spoke to couldn't expedite the order, b/c gthe computer wouldn't let her, so I asked if she had a manager I could speak to, so she schlepped me over to him, and he explained that there is a block on expediting orders in my area, and that he had tried to expedite a few orders before, and just got reamed for it. So they can't hook me up until...really....January 30. So, there will be no more crankiness for the next month. I know you're all disappointed, but I'm sure there will be lots to talk about until then! Meanwhile, I have a new home phone number. Maybe I'll call some of you with it. See ya!


Renae said...

that bites!

lizS said...

Those people who do internet service etc are all dipwits. Why do you suppose that is?


Eyepoke said...

holy crap!! i might go with a different provider just out of spite! spit on whoever comes over to put in your service. IDIOTS!

Bruce said...

what is crazy about all this is that they dont seem to think you have choices and might go with a dif provider. i realy hate people trying to cheat me.