Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Details

Okay, well, for starters, there's not a scrap of carpet in the place. Which I actually think of as positive, because that means there's not a chance of there being carpet in the bathroom (I have not had a carpetless bathroom since I've been married! Can you believe that?!). The bad news is that the floor is the industrial tile they use in Walmart and every elementary school on the planet. The good news is that I know a guy that works for a carpet manufacturing plant, and there's a particular store he can get carpet at for 75% off (for those of you who missed it, that's Jeremy). When you open the front door, there's a closet right across from you, a living room to the left and the stairs to the right. The living room is about 1/2 the size as the living room I had in Wood River, which was really a decent sized living room, so it's alright that it's a small room. Okay, so if you go through the living room, the room behind it is the dining room, which has a pantry inside it, and two mysterious locked doors that I will not have a key to (I'm assuming it's the water heater.) If you make a right from the dining room, you will find a teeny-tiny kitchen with tons of cabinet space, and to the right of that, there's a utility room with a washer/dryer hook-up, and a ton of more storage space. The stairs are a split design, so there's a landing 1/2 way up. When you get to the top, the master bedroom is to the left. It's nice and big, but it's a strange shape. It's very long and shallow. The closet is a little small, and I'm not certain of the layout of the rest of the upstairs, but I think that to the right of the bedroom is the bathroom, and then to the left of that are the kids' rooms. There's also a linen closet in there somewhere. So there's a LOT of storage space, which I am enthusiastically and eternally grateful for, after the lack of storage options O had in the old apartment. The rooms are smaller, but I have places for my junk! :) There's also a clothes line in the back of the apartment, and we didn't walk over to it, but there's also a really old decrepit playground just out the back of my apartment. I don't know if it belongs to the complex or somewhere else, but we'll have to go have a look at it. So that's about all I have to tell about it for now. I hope my neighbors are nice. The apartment manager told me that we got a really good reference from our previous landlady amazingly enough. That just goes to show that you just might never know what people truly think of you. So, that's the rundown on the place. It's really clean, and we can move right in. Also my sister-in-law told me that the manager of a bank that she used to work with came in to her new job to beg her to come back to work for them. She's not going to take it, but she told me she would go with me to try to help get me on there, so that would be nice if I could get that. Pray for this. I need this job!


timpani76 said...

A bank! You would be perfect in a bank. Bank prayers coming your way lady.

The apartment sounds roomy and storagey. Are you sure the landlord is not keeping his crazy wife behind that door? Or the heads of his six previous wives? Or.. ok, I'm out.

The Marinator said...

ROFL! I hadn't thought about that, maybe that IS why the door is locked! Hmm, I'll have to pick it as soon as we get the apartment officially. (You know, before we move all our stuff in.) Thanks for the bank prayers.

lizS said...

you can count on my prayers too! good luck, and hoorah on the apartment!