Sunday, July 20, 2008

Polling Is Now Closed

The results of the last poll on "Have You Been Cranky Lately" are, once again, split right down the middle. 50% of you like to take online polls, and 50% of you do not like to take online polls. I have had a very long weekend, so I have nothing terribly silly or clever to say about it, however, all of you who participated in my last poll will be getting your "Have You Been Cranky Lately" key chain in the mail. Congratulations, and keep checking that box for your great prize.

1 comment:

lizS said...

yay! you're back! i missed you. i called my sister today, and accidentally called your old number. (because if i'm not thinking specifically about the number i'm dialing, i dial yours)and then i realized i won't ever get to call that number again. *sniff* WAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAAA! just kidding. glad you got there safe and with little problems. blog about it when you're not so tired. love you!