Friday, July 11, 2008

Am I Ever Grateful!

Yesterday my baby brother and his wife came over to give me a hand with the packing.

Man can she pack!

When I stand in the middle of a room wringing my hands saying, "Oh dear, what can I do? There's so much junk, I don't even know where to start!" Jody comes over, has a quick look around, grabs a box and starts packing! She's incredible! And she was able to organize the junk as she put it up! My living rooms looks so much better now! (Look! Floor!)

We got through all the toys and junk in the kids' rooms too. I think Launa's a little freaked out by this, though. As she was getting ready to crawl into her little mattress on the floor, she looked at me and said, "Are we really doing this?!" That seems to be the general consensus. We all wonder are we really doing this?!

James helped too, but he had to go to work at 3:00 just like Jeremy, so it was a lot of Jody.


lizS said...

who the heck is lottery results, and what are they talking about? spammer!! delete them! (unless you know them of course mary, then don't delete them) i'm so glad you got some stuff done! i've been so worried!!! i know how it is to have to move super fast, it's hard! thanks jody!

Everyone Admires Mary said...

You're right. They were a spammer. Gone. Thanks for your concern Liz. I feel so much better after yesterday. And today Jeremy took the yard sale stuff up to the church, so that's even more stuff I no longer need to worry about. James and Jody will be back with her brother's truck to pick up the crib, my mom's mirror, the old Christmas tree, and the really old beautiful radio. I love them (the stuff, not the people), but they are in my way, and soon they will be gone too.

timpani76 said...

The stuff was in your way not the people right? I just thought that sentence read funny :)

Everyone needs help to pack, except me, and that's just because I'm a little OCD and OTHER PEOPLE WOULD NOT GET IT JUST FREAKIN RIGHT!!!

Not that I even let them try, sigh.

Everyone Admires Mary said...

It DID read funny, that's why I clarified (in parenthesis!). :) Oh wait, I see what you mean, I should have written, "I love them, but they are in my way (the stuff, not the people)..." HA! That's the typographical equivalent of putting the wrong emphASis on the wrong sylLAble! And I thought I WAS clearing up any confusion!

Yeah see, I'm just so happy to not be actually doing the work myself, that I don't care who does it, or how it arrives! Truth be told, that really awful picture of my living room isn't too far off from what it was BEFORE the boxes arrived. I only wish I had a little more cleanliness in my bones. I think it would make my life so much less stressful.

Renae said...

Being overly clean is stressful too. I have to constantly tell myself to "STOP, STEP AWAY FROM THE MESS!" My house is never clean enough, and I feel like I can never leave it because I'm a little OCD when it comes to neatness. Sometimes I wish I cared less, so I could go out and enjoy my children more.

Anonymous said...

yes, everyone needs to be like me, and live in filth, and love it! not really there, for all of you out there that believed that, i was using sarcasm. :)

Everyone Admires Mary said...

You hear that clean police? Liz is filthy and likes it. Go get her! I don't want to be CRAZY clean, I just want to be reasonably clean. I'd like to be motivated enough to do a thorough cleaning a couple of times a year so that I don't go to move after only 2 years and have to shovel the place out. I'd like to strike that balance.