Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spider Web

It was pretty and foggy this morning. There was dew on everything, and at the bus stop, attached to the STOP sign, there was a gorgeous, dew-covered spider web! After the kids got on the bus, I had to make a trip back for photos. Some of them turned out really well:

This is the lot across from my folks' house. I liked how it looked in the fog, but the picture didn't show it how I saw it. *sigh* Oh well.

Side view of the spider web. They get better, I promise. Keep scrolling down.

The whole web.

This is the guy that made the web. I found him hiding behind the sign on the post.

I included the photo of the STOP sign because even though the web took up almost the whole post, you couldn't see it head on. I thought that was interesting.


timpani76 said...

Cool pics! I have never seen a dew covered spider web like that!

Mary said...

It was tricky getting the camera to take a picture of the web instead of the background. It took some trial and error but I eventually got some really cool ones. I'm really psyched about it! I'm glad you liked it. :)

Mary said...

Sad news: Someone put a large ad on the STOP sign for a rummage sale they're doing at the school, and probably had no idea there was a spider making a home there. They probably knocked down the web, which would mean that the spider won't be able to make a new one. :( (And there had been many more cool webs like this.)