Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Some Stuff We Did

Here are pictures of some stuff that we did this weekend!

We went to the Cards vs. Reds game on Friday because we got an awesome deal on nosebleed tickets!

Here's a picture of the good-lookin' people!

The Arch in the upper left-hand corner.

Labor day we had a picnic at Forest Park before heading to the zoo!

Here's a great picture that Jeremy took of a gorgeous butterfly outside of the Jewel Box!

Lily pads in the pool outside of the Jewel Box. I liked these variegated ones!

Exoskeleton on a lily pad.

There's a dragonfly on the lily on the right.

Pretty blue flowers climbing up the outside wall of the zoo.

Lioness in the tree.

Hippo butt!

Do you see the frog in the water?

My charming husband, charming a cobra.

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