Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Daniel, Daniel, Daniel!

I have not been as good about updating here as I should be. There is a TON of stuff to tell you about Daniel, so let's get started! First, we got Daniel on his ADHD medicine. It has made a HUGE difference for him! In fact, he ended up getting the star student award for this 9-week period! We were invited to a special breakfast where they acknowledged all of the star students (there were a LOT of them! I think there are about 30 classes for each grade, my kids' school is HUMONGOUS).

Daniel and his daddy. :)

Picking up part of his award.

Snapped the picture a little late, it was Daniel receiving his award from his principal (the tall guy in the suit).

Also, Daniel is in Cub Scouts this year. He's a bear scout. He earned his Bear badge and an arrow point, which they awarded him at the Blue & Gold Banquet. He was also in a funny skit with his friends, and I would upload video of the skit, except that I'm having some issues uploading video from my camera. :(

Daniel and his badges.

Daniel's den receiving their badges.

Finally, the kids and I went on a hike with Daniel's scout pack on Saturday. I had never been on this hike before, but it was VERY cool, and even closer to my house than the park! (Who knew?!) At the end of the day, we went to the park to fly kites, and had a blast! Last weekend was really nice.

Half way up the mountain we took a break, where I snapped this picture. Daniel is so sweet and longsuffering when it comes to his sister.

At the top!

The view from the top.

Daniel was really good at kite flying! Once he got it going, he kept it in the air.

Launa, on the other hand, had to run her kite to keep it in the air. Made me think of that line from The Princess Bride: "I wonder if he is using the same wind we are using?"

Daniel got his kite completely un-spooled. That's him in the lower right corner. ;)


Mom said...

How wonderful to see Daniels' accomplishments and all the wonderful photos of your beautiful family. Way to go !

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