Sunday, November 2, 2008

New Favorite Band

So I was playing around on the playlist website wanting to add a couple of new songs to my list, and I came across this band that does punk/ska covers of old songs. Not only does the band have the greatest band name ever - Me First And The Gimme Gimmes, but the covers aren't bad! I listened to the first few, and then I started just slapping songs that I knew up on the playlist, so I can't guarantee the language will be pure on every selection, but it's totally worth a listen. Good tunes, man.


Eyepoke said...

Of all weird things, this morning on the way to work I fiund a station that was playing all wierd covers. I heard a Broadway ish sounding cover of Pink's "Get the party started" that cracked me up and was kind of good too. Made me think of Michael Ball. Also heard a Folk cover of smalls like teen spirit that was just awful, but it was interesting to be able to understand the words.

(can I just say that kurt cobain is a dead loser?)

The Marinator said...

That's funny, I was tuning around the radio dial today and found a station that was playing repetitive songs in honor of our politicians and the same slogans they keep repeating over and over.