Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Gost Busters" Tribute

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Get ready for the most entertaining Ghost Busters tribute, ever!  
 Daniel as the gost buster 
Launa as the victim
*and introducing* 
Jocelyn as the dog!

This way, please:

Tickets please:
Personalized: Jarumy, Grampu and I all got our own tickets. The front of the tickets all said: "Gost Busters, its a play."
Launa's script:

 Jocelyn's script:

Daniel's script:

The smash hit all of Broadway is raving about!
Coming to a living room near you!

(Take a bow, guys!)


Mary said...

Wish I had had a picture of the kids. Maybe next time...

lizS said...

your kids are HILARIOUS! :D