Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sorry For My Neglect

I don't know why, but I have been supremely unmotivated on the blog front. It's not like nothing's been happening. A LOT has happened in the last month, I just have not been feeling up to writing about it. I was supposed to spend today catching up on my blogging, but I spent it churching, napping, and mothering, so it didn't happen.

Which reminds me: Happy Mother's Day! Being a mom is awesome, and I got to save my daughter's life today because she choked on a pickle at Larry's Subs in full view of everyone. I got to give her the Heimlich and pull chewed-up food out of her throat. I felt bad and hoped it didn't ruin everyone at the opposite table's meal (they were all watching, you know). I apologized, but they were nice about it. Jeremy, who actually has had first responder training at work (and has also been trained in how to save a choking child) was absolutely no help. But to be fair, I was the one sitting next to her on the outside while she was on the inside next to the wall, and he would have had to walk around the table and behind me to get to her. Also, I was so afraid of doing it wrong and hurting her, that I'm pretty sure she mostly choked it up on her own, I just helped clear it. BEING A MOMMY IS SO MUCH FUN!!!! If you're not in the process of actually giving birth to your kids, then you're knocking yourself out just trying to keep those little buggers alive!

Over the next week, you may expect a new post every day, each describing one ultra-exciting thing that happened over the last month. I know you're excited! I know you can't wait, but trust'll be worth it! See ya tomorrow!

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