Monday, July 6, 2009

The Agony Of Being Gorgeous

We were walking around a store over the weekend, and I had Launa with me. There was a little boy who must have been about 2 years old, that saw Launa and held his arms out to give her a hug. Well Launa walked away from him and he followed her around and around and around trying to hug her. Finally I made her hug this strange boy because he was so darn cute, and I felt a little bad about Launa rejecting him like that. She didn't want to hug him tho. I probably shouldn't make her hug strange boys, I'm only asking for problems down the road, but I didn't know what else to do! We'll have to come up with a game plan, because especially with Launa, we are getting increased invitations by people who think she is adorable. There's already a boy at church (who's several years older than her) that thinks she is the most adorable little girl he has ever seen, so I'm keeping an eye on him. But I guess that's the price of tremendous beauty. I'll just have to be especially diligent. All you other parents of incredibly gorgeous girls (I think that's everyone that reads this blog), have any of you had experiences like this, and what do you do?


lizS said...

yeah, jonni has more friends who are boys than girls. i dunno man; teach her martial arts, lol!

Mary said...

LOL! I know she does, but are they always asking for hugs from her and she doesn't want to hug them back? I find myself encouraging her to hug little boys that she doesn't want to hug, and then I get mad at myself, because I shouldn't ask her to have any physical contact with people she does not want to. I'm working on it now that I've caught myself doing it more than once. I just don't want her to be rude, but like I said, if she doesn't want to, she shouldn't have to.

Dana Cheryl said...

HeLlO! I have no little girls that I know of at least. ;)

However believe it or not I was a pretty little girl once upon a time! There was this boy in the third grade that had a serious crush on me. He bought me Valentines Chocolates & followed me around. I HATED it!!! He drove me crazy & when he broke both of his arms the teacher MADE me sign his cast.

Well some may think that was harmless. Fast forward to high school when a girl I'd never met walked up to me and said,"You're Dana right? You live in Cromwell & went to Southern." Yeah she was this guy's cousin. She told me that he had pictures of me all over his room. He had been secretly taking pictures of me. There were pix of me in the park with friends, at the store, band practice, etc...

Later he married a girl named Dana that looks quite similar to me. Creepy! I still hear from him on occasion.

Please don't make her hug strange boys!!! :)

"Mom of four and more" said...

Mary, I had the opposite problem. Elaine would (and sometimes still does) hug any teenaged-boy or man she saw. We had to really put a stop to it as they all thought she was so cute and would pick her up, give her candy, etc. We didn't want her to learn that you get "favors" from males for giving affection. (For the most part, she is over she kicks them....another problem to deal with.)
Why don't you teach Launa a simple reply to say. Something like,"Thank you, but I don't want to hug you right now." This teaches her that she can set boundaries and still be nice.
And although I don't know Dana, that is a REALLY creepy story. Ugh! that "Leader of the Pack" playing on your play list? That brings back some memories of middle-school lipsync contest..... :-)

timpani76 said...

Girls want to hug Vance all the time! I only make him do it if he is related to them or they are close friend's children. Otherwise, you don't really owe them any affection, and shouldn't feel like you have to give it to them.

QQ also likes to be the one to give the hugs, but I only encourage the other child if they are (again) relatives or close friend's children.

I mostly tell people with Vance something like "oh, he doesn't like to be hugged". It's polite, and also true (in Vance's case).

You know what really creeps me out? QQ has really curly soft hair, and people just love to put their fingers in it. I hate that! I really don't want to smack their hands away, but some of these people are grown men! She thinks it's funny, but I just can't get comfortable with it.

Mary said...

Wow DC. That is really really creepy. I'm glad you dodged that bullet. I wonder how he scared Dana II into marrying him.

Shannon- That's hilarious about Elaine! My niece does that. She finds the best looking guy in the room and hugs him (Launa's age). Drives her mother crazy! Good idea about teaching her a phrase to say to people that she does not want to hug. And yes, it is Leader of the Pack. Good times. :)

Timpani- That's pretty good advice. I'll do that if she won't tell them. (Another of her problems lately, she wants me to say her pleases and thank yous for her, but she needs to do that herself.) Sorry about QQ's hair. I understand wanting to touch it, but you also have every right not to want them to. I'm sure the vast majority of the time, they don't mean anything by it, but they should have some self-control.

Mary said...

You know, my mom always told me never to mercy-date. She said it's unfair all the way around. It's not right to lead a boy on. While this isn't mercy dating, it kind of follows the same lines, and once again, why should I ask her to do something that makes her uncomfortable?

Dana Cheryl said...

Amen on the mercy dating thing! It took me years to figure that out. I wanted to be fair & give everyone a chance but sometimes a girl just knows that he ain't the one!

Several of my friends have said that I attract mutants not men. That's funny but harsh. One guy (totally normal and very cute) told me that I was just too damned nice.

He explained that when a cheerleader is nice & sweet that some guys instantly believe that she's into him. They really BeLiEvE it! Oh and not just cheerleader but any girl. I just add the cheerleader bit because I was utterly shocked to find out that guys would use a friendship with cheerleaders/homecoming queens etc... to social climb. I thought that only girls were social climbers. (Or gay guys) I'm sooooo behind in this area.

I'm so glad for you girls who can sympathize with my creepy quazi-stalker story. :)

Mary said...

Funny. I had a hard time finding men that were not 20 years older than me or boys that were 10 years younger than me when I was dating. I would date one guy for quite a while, but then go over a year without meeting anyone worth my attention. There were the weird guys my own age that I was nice to, there were the little boys in grade school, and then there were the men who graduated high school the year I was born. I think anyone who is very nice (don't laugh when I imply that I was nice, I wasn't always this way!) has more than their share of strange guys that can't take a hint, and mercy dating only makes things worse. And anyway...imagine if you were forced into a date with that weird guy...they would have found you 30 years later in his basement, where he'd been keeping you for his own personal entertainment, after he was arrested for psychopathic crimes against other women. (How's that for a cheerful thought?)

lizS said...

JEEZ, mary, lol!! don't pull any punches. and eek! dana! good gravy, though, it's nice to know i'm not the only one who's a mutant magnet, lol!!!