Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm A Dork

I put my good playlist back up. (And added to it!) I love the songs I put on it so much, that even though I have things to do, every time a song comes on I think, "Ooh! I love this song! I'll just stay til it's over, then I'll get to work!" And then another good song comes on, and I go, "AHWHWHW! This song is great too! Ok, I'll stay til this song is over, then it's back to busy for me!" But darnnit! Awesome songs keep coming on, and I can't tear myself away! Well, now it's quiet 'cuz I'm posting, so I'd better post and hurry and leave before something else great comes on! I'd better mute my computer before I publish!


Eyepoke said...

Hey gorker!

So... that Sukiyaki song on your list- that chinese remake of some stupid 60's oldies song- wow- it sounds a google times better in chinese! kinda catchy!

Dana Cheryl said...

LOL! Life is much more tolerable when we can find ways to amuse ourselves.

Anonymous said...

YEP! Your dad has definately marked you, Babe.
Love you, Mom

P.S. Your children are wondermous! Such talent!Suc brains! Bilingual at 3...Mercy!

The Marinator said...

Actually J, it's the original. The others are remakes. Taught you something new!

DC, yes it is. The thing is, I have STUFF to do! :) I need to get an iPod for myself!

Mom, yes he has, and yes they are! ;)